Fugly old dude who likes to pretend that he's a real guitarist. One could probably email me by prepending tones and to my screenname.

Have owned guitars off and on since I was 18 but realized a bit over 5 years ago that you have to remove the guitar from the case more than once or twice a year to get anywhere.

Not really looking for anyone specific at the moment but love to jam and I'm interested in working with a singer, male or female, who can give me goosebumps. Just for the record, male vocals very rarely are able to give me goosebumps, so chills will considered an acceptable substitute. To be fair, ladies may substitute chills as well, but goosebumps preferred. Monotone Death Metal "Devil Voice" vocals ain't my bag, but I'm game to try about anything else. Recording, organize a jam, whatever...

Not to offend anyone, but there are some voices that have a huge following but that make me want to slit my wrists when exposed to in large doses. Examples: Bob Segar, Springsteen (with maybe one or two exceptions), The frizzy haired dude from REO Crapwagon, Steve Perry from Journey, Geddy Lee (amazing bassist but whoever encouraged him to sing should be shot IMHO). I haven't identified the exact property of the singers I'm allergic to but it doesn't appear to be "chops" because I love Neil Young and I don't think his technical abilities cause Luciano Pavarotti any sleepless nights. I think maybe in must cases it may be a dislike for vocals that are delivered in a way that makes me wonder if the singer is constipated. Forced "rasp" sucks in must cases.

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It's tough to list influences rather than "idols". Influences that might come out when I improvise are probably a cross beween an old blues man, Lynyrd Skynyrd, a little Jimmy Page, Joe Walsh, maybe some Clapton.

Listening to Steve Morse, Al DiMeola, Michael Hedges and several other virtuoso guitarists and bassists has influenced me greatly, but I'm afraid my chops currently aren't up to making those influences apparent in my playing.

Have been known to suffer from temporary fits of whammy abuse ranging from fairly subtle to occasionally channeling Steve Vai.

I wish Les Claypool/Ler Lalonde , King Crimson, and learning to "feel" certain odd meters didn't make me feel retarded.

Sometimes drugs (mostly legal) and/or sudsy beverages.


EBMMSMSM, Strat, Jackson Dinky, Currently disassembled Les Paul which used to be a "Gothic". Peavey Triple XXX 100W head w/Fender 4x12 (anyone wanna buy some serious overkill?), Peavey Classic 30 (all the knobs turn up to 12!, no really!).

8 analog 2 digital in/out computer based recording system. Event near-field monitors, Mackie 12 ch/4 bus mixer, Approx 1000W of PA amp power, Hefty pair of mains speakers, one set of large vintage Kustom stage monitors, assorted POS series 10" Kustom Monitor/speakers. Misc. rack mount gear like compressors, eq, delay etc. Older style Peavey lighting system. Mic stands and a few decent dynamic mics, heavy stands for mains speaker or lighting system use.