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As a senior student at CU Boulder, Cody Moxam has established himself as a highly regarded scholar, dedicating his life and career to the promotion of mindfulness and mental well-being. With a deep understanding of psychology and behavioral health, Cody has amassed a wealth of knowledge to address the growing anxiety surrounding personal and societal issues in his community. One of his notable contributions includes his involvement in the design of the Mindful Campus Project, a transformative initiative organized by the Renée Crown Wellness Institute at the University of Colorado Boulder. This project seeks to cultivate mindfulness practices and enhance mental well-being among students. He was also a co-designer for "Flourishing, Belonging, and Belonging," the pioneering academic course at CU Boulder that delves into mindfulness and social justice. He is currently working on an honors thesis that explores the effects of mental health interventions on cancer survivors. Beyond his scholarly pursuits, Cody's impact extends to his work as a certified addiction technician (CAT) and accomplished counselor and 12-step program sponsor. His expertise and compassionate approach have helped numerous individuals overcome their addictions and establish fulfilling lives and meaningful relationships. Cody's dedication to supporting others on their journey to recovery is a testament to his unwavering commitment to their well-being. He serves as an Ambassador for Recovery with the CU Collegiate Recovery Center. In his leisure time, Cody embraces mindfulness through various activities. Whether it is writing and playing music, practicing yoga, playing sand volleyball, or riding the waves while surfing, he recognizes the importance of incorporating mindfulness into his own life. These personal practices not only enrich his well-being but also serve as a testament to the efficacy of mindfulness in promoting a balanced and fulfilling existence.
Cody Moxam is a distinguished psychology scholar, certified counselor, and senior honors student renowned for his significant contributions to the mental health programs at the University of Colorado Boulder. As a senior at CU Boulder, Cody played a pivotal role as a student scholar in the design of the university's groundbreaking Mindful Campus Project. This transformative initiative equips students with the necessary tools to prioritize their mental health and navigate the complex societal challenges of today. Furthermore, Cody's expertise and dedication were instrumental in shaping the "Flourishing, Belonging, and Liberation" academic course at the university, where students can learn these important principles in a classroom setting. Beyond his involvement in program design, Cody has made a lasting impact on individuals facing addiction by serving as a sponsor for 12-step programs and as an Ambassador for Recovery at the CU Collegiate Recovery Center. Through these roles, he has provided mentorship and support to guide individuals on their journey to overcoming addiction, fostering resilience and facilitating recovery. Cody's commitment to holistic well-being is further exemplified by his RYT certification as a yoga instructor. Through the practice of yoga, he helps individuals achieve mindfulness, promoting a harmonious connection between the mind and body. Cody Moxam's exemplary contributions as a psychology scholar, certified counselor, and healthcare professional have significantly influenced the mental health programs at the University of Colorado Boulder. His involvement in the Mindful Campus Project, the design of the academic course, and his mentorship in addiction recovery showcases his passion for empowering individuals and fostering mental well-being. Through his diverse expertise, Cody continues to inspire and support others on their path to personal growth and fulfillment.
Cody Moxam's unwavering commitment to promoting mindfulness and prioritizing mental health shines through in every facet of his academic and professional journey. As a senior honors student at CU Boulder specializing in psychology and neuroscience, Cody has made significant contributions to the ongoing academic discourse surrounding mental and behavioral health. His knowledge in these fields has also been instrumental in his role as a co-designer of the Mindful Campus Project at the university, an initiative aimed at fostering mindfulness and well-being among students. Additionally, Cody has played a crucial part in designing the "Flourishing, Belonging and Liberation" academic course, further highlighting his dedication to equipping individuals with the necessary tools for personal growth and fulfillment. Not only has Cody dedicated himself to his academic pursuits, but he has also selflessly donated his time and efforts to his community. As a certified addiction counselor and 12-step program sponsor, he has worked tirelessly to help individuals overcome their addictions, providing them with much-needed support and guidance on their path to recovery. In his personal life, Cody understands the importance of nurturing his own mental health. He engages in therapeutic activities, such as making music and writing poetry, which serve as creative outlets for self-expression and introspection. Additionally, he incorporates mindfulness practices through yoga and seeks adventure through rock climbing and surfing, recognizing the benefits of these activities in promoting a balanced and fulfilling life. Cody Moxam's dedication to fostering mindfulness, supporting mental health, and empowering individuals is evident in his academic pursuits, professional endeavors, and personal choices. Through his multifaceted contributions, he continues to make a profound impact on both his academic community and the individuals he assists, inspiring others to prioritize their well-being and embrace a flourishing life.
An accomplished scholar highly regarded within psychology and neuroscience circles, Cody Moxam has made significant contributions in these fields during his time at the University of Colorado Boulder. As a senior honors student, Cody's research covers various topics, including mental health interventions tailored toward cancer survivors and the connection between mental health and mindfulness. His expertise in mindfulness was crucial when he served as a co-designer for the Renée Crown Wellness Institute’s Mindful Campus Project, which was designed to equip students with vital tools helpful for navigating complex societal challenges that induce anxiety in young people. He also served as a co-designer in groundbreaking projects such as the “Flourishing, Belonging, and Liberation” academic course, which was geared toward helping students overcome personal anxieties and non-inclusive societal constraints. Cody’s passion for inclusivity, equity, and advocacy is also evident through his active participation in CU’s Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI) committee, where he works to amplify the voice of underprivileged or underrepresented students on campus whilst championing diversity & equitable policies aimed at making the CU Boulder campus an all-inclusive domain populated fit for learning without communal bias or prejudice. Other achievements include his contributions as a Behavioral Health Technician (BHT) and a certified addiction counselor, providing support and the necessary guidance required in specific 12-step programs that facilitate recovery from addiction. He also organized weekly support meetings as an official Ambassador of Recovery for CU’s Collegiate Recovery Center. His multiple leadership roles show his commitment to promoting wellness among individuals within his community. Finally, Cody is also a certified RYT yoga instructor whose holistic approach to mindfulness shows his commitment to well-being in all aspects of life.
Cody Moxam is an esteemed scholar and honor student in the fields of psychology and neuroscience whose tireless efforts have laid a strong foundation for mental health and well-being among students at the University of Colorado Boulder and beyond. With a deep-rooted passion for understanding and addressing mental health concerns, Cody has conducted extensive research in the realms of mental health and mindfulness. This wealth of knowledge became instrumental in his role as a co-designer of the Mindful Campus Project at CU Boulder, an initiative led by the Renée Crown Wellness Institute. The project aims to enhance mental health support services and equip students with the necessary tools to navigate the intricate web of societal issues and injustices that often plague young people. Cody's commitment to inclusivity and social justice is further evidenced by his active participation in the CU Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) Committee. In this role, he has been a dedicated advocate, ensuring that the voices of underprivileged and underrepresented students are heard and valued on campus. By championing equity and fostering an inclusive environment, Cody has made significant contributions to the overall well-being and sense of belonging within the university community. Moreover, Cody has showcased exemplary leadership as a Certified Addiction Technician (CAT) and counselor. His compassionate support and guidance have helped countless individuals navigate the challenging journey of addiction recovery, both through his involvement in 12-step programs and his active engagement within the local community. Cody's unwavering commitment to the well-being and resilience of those struggling with addiction is a testament to his dedication as a healthcare professional. Now in his senior year, Cody Moxam's unwavering dedication to mental health, inclusivity, and addiction recovery will continue to make a profound impact on the lives of students at CU Boulder and his community even after he graduates.

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