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This may be a bit of a reach, but I really am just interested in either joining or forming a tribute band. Basically, any of the bands that I dig, if I can find like-minded people with sufficient skills on complementary instruments, that would be ideal. I know Dave Mustaine isn't gonna be calling me to audition anytime soon, so doing a tribute band (and doing it well!) is the only other way I'm gonna get to experience that.

I discovered the bass guitar in 1987 when my dad was listening to a Grand Funk tape (the 80's, remember?). From that point on it was a fascination with bass, and I was on a mission to learn everything I could about the instrument. Got my first bass 3 weeks before my 14th birthday and the first two songs I taught myself how to play were "Green Eyed Lady" by Sugarloaf (which took 25min) and "Peace Sells" by Megadeth (took 12min). First practice amp came 3 months later and it's been all downhill since then ;)

Nothing against these genres, but I'm really not interested in doing Top 40 stuff, variety covers in general, and especially not original material because I don't have the talent to do that & I'm perfectly comfortable expressing myself with stuff that's already got a built-in audience. The tribute band thing for me is the most gratifying because, if it's done right, it's like Ertl: just like the real thing, only smaller.

I know some music theory but don't haver any kind of prestigious advanced education. I'm primarily a bassist and would prefer to do that, but I have the gear to be a solid rhythm guitarist if necessary. I can sing tenor background vocals, or lead if necessary. Also, I haven't done it in years but I can play clarinet & I'm slowly teaching myself keyboard.

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Any one of these bands, I want to do a tribute to, with me as the bassist. In no particular order:

Pink Floyd
Iron Maiden
Twisted Sister
Judas Priest
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Quiet Riot

The only bands I love that I don't want to do are AC/DC and KISS. AC/DC because there are enough AC/DC tribute bands as it is, and KISS because I've already done that as Ace, Gene is harder to pull off than Ace (believe it or not) and I want to play with the equipment & gear that I already have without incurring $6,000+ more.

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1992 Rudy Sarzo Peavey signature (purple)
1998 Music Man Sting Ray Sterling (teal sparkle)
2021 Jackson David Ellefson Rust In Peace Signature 5 string (black)

Trace Elliot GP7 SM 350w head (have never turned this up above 3)
Trace Elliot 2-10 cabinet with Piezo horn
Trace Elliot 1-15 cabinet


1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom (silverburst) (with EMG 81/85)
1981 Dean Flying V (black) with Seymour Duncans
2001 Fender Mexican Strat (wine red) with humbucker (the only reason I bought this was so I could play Pink Floyd & have it sound right)

Marshall 6100LM (30th Anniversary) 100w TSL head (like the JCM2000 minus the reverb)
Marshall 1960A cabinet

Digitech Scott Ian "Black 13" signature distortion
Dunlop Dimebag sitnature wash
BOSS DD-3 delay
BOSS NS-2 noise gate

I will be acquiring a Morley Power Fuzz wah in the next couple months just so I can get "Orion" and "Anesthesia" to sound correct.

I also have a Casio WK 200 keyboard (it was a cheap POS for me to learn on but can get the job done) as well as a Moog Little Phatty synthesizer (when I thought I was gonna get a Rush tribute band going a few years ago). I'm ok on the keyboards for basic stuff but I really don't know much about the Moog & am trying to square away someone to show me how to work it bc I'm sure that if I could manage that, the results would be amazeballs. Also have a Roland KC550 4 channel keyboard amp & a Sennheiser mike.