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Short version: looking for collaborators in songwriting, online or otherwise.

Long version:
I wouldn't mind the occasional jam, just for fun, on some classic rock, Floyd, Zeppelin, Sabbath, Trower, BOC, etc. I'm also on SoundCloud and Kompoz, under the same name, and can be messaged there.

My main interest, though, is in songwriting/collaboration; in these days of the Internet, distance should be no bar to the endless possibilities in musicians everywhere acting as a responsive community. So what I'm really looking for is musicians of all ages/talents/genres to work with in writing original music, mine if you think you have something to add, yours it you think I might.

Of the songs I have here, only Solace and Presque Vu have been properly mixed/mastered- the rest are my amateur-level mixes. All guitars are mine except for the leads on Solace and Presque Vu (I consider myself a competent rhythm guitarist, but not much on lead outside of simple, structured melodic bits like those on Gunslinger and Small Hours, or sloppy, aimless crap as on Down There) See each song's notes for individual musician credits.

The song is the thing, making it the best it can be without limiting it to only what I can do with it. For me, that usually involves collaborating with folks at Kompoz, but it could also mean file swapping with musicians from here. Some examples of what I'd like to hear for my music- the second chorus of Gunslinger (beginning at 2:18) has a Morricone-esque female vocal that is actually a synth; it was a brilliant idea by the keyboard player who contributed it at Kompoz, but I'd love to have an actual female vocal there, maybe something along the lines of Floyd's The Great Gig In The Sky. Also need bass lines for Small Hours/Dream Coda and Fiat Lux (and would like to hear keys/strings for Fiat Lux); maybe a keyboard (Hammond?) for Mrs Grales; a harmony female vocal for By Cottingley Beck; violin/cello/flute parts for anywhere they might fit- pretty much all ideas would be considered, including for lead guitars by real lead guitarists. Also drums- only Solace and Presque Vu have parts played by actual drummers (from Kompoz), all others are pasted-together clips. My style tends more to the slower, Pink Floyd-esqe, not very exciting for drummers I guess, but there's room on Gunslinger, Cry Uncle, and Down There for someone who has the ability to record and would like to try to add a bit.

(Avatar photo is from Feb 2022, age 65)

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David Gilmour (definitely my #1), Mark Knopfler, Steve Morse, Buck Dharma, Robin Trower, Alex Lifeson, Billy Gibbons, Nancy Wilson; also Stephen King, some older science fiction, and history for song concepts. (I'm kind of a bookwormy geek)

Lately I've been getting into more basic blues stuff, Warren Haynes and big time into Joe Bonamassa, though I'll never be able to play like those guys. (See also David Gerald in Michigan, on my Music List, and his video version of I'll Play The Blues For You for the sort of thing I mean. He does a nifty little run at around 4:18 that really brought out the hellYEAH! from me.)


Epiphone Les Paul Ultra III, Line 6 Variax JTV59 (good for alternate tunings e.g., Zeppelin's The Rain Song and my Dream Coda), PRS Torero SE w/active EMGs, PRS CM25 SE Custom 24, Michael Kelly Hybrid Special, Schecter C1 E/A Classic; Headrush Pedalboard, Line 6 Helix LT. Odds and ends effects including Rocktron Banshee talkbox and a Truetone Jekyll & Hyde V3. 40W Fender Champ and a 50W Kustom monitor cab for temporary use as FRFR speaker with Headrush/Helix pedalboards. Running Reaper and CakeWalk Guitar Tracks Pro 3 on a laptop my wife bought for me a few years ago. Sufficient for live sound to jam and for basic recording purposes.