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I work quite a bit, but when I'm not working I'm playing something. I've played just guitar for about 12 years, but I was gifted a ukulele a while back and playing around with it compelled me to get as many instruments as possible.

So there's quite a few a instruments that I have, but I'm not great at. Haha, you can find all of the actual instruments I've got in the equipment list below.

If you think any of these would sound good in a song you're working on, feel free to hit me up and I'll see if I could maybe make an intro, or a melody for you to layer in. I'd give it a shot just for fun, and the experience of working with some other people. I've got some recording gear I can use at home (also listed below) but if you'd like more control, and we get a schedule lined up, I could meet you where you're at.

Ideally I'd like to have some people to jam with, or maybe join someone in their own band/project in a supportive role.

I have a lot of little ideas and snippets of songs for my own eventual project, which would be some sort of alt rock deal. But currently I'm having trouble actually completing a song. So I'm cool with putting my own work on hold for a while.

I mostly sing out of necessity, and would *not* be a good fit for a metal band as a vocalist. But I'm working on getting better at it in case I can't find someone who meshes well with what I'd like to play.

ig: dakotallyawesome

Feel free to reach out!

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As far as favorites go, my big three are Collective Soul, Matchbox Twenty, and The Fratellis. If any of it sticks out in my own music, it might be Matchbox Twenty.

80's hard rock/metal was my first love.

I can get into just about any rock, alternative or indie though.

Instrument experience:

Rhythm Guitar:
Acoustic Guitar:
Lead Guitar:
Bass Guitar:
Steel guitar:


-Instruments -

1. Daisy Rock Retro-H
2. Custom Floyd Rose 6 string Guitar,
3. Ibanez JTK1-BT 1P02,
4. Cozart Telecaster,
5. Mitchell MD400 Guitar,
6. Cruise created for VMI SC-12 TR Guitar
7. Starcaster by Fender (The starter Strat),
8. Greg Bennett Torino TR-1/WR Guitar,
9. Oscar Schmidt Delta King 0E30 Guitar,
10. Aria Pro II Magna Series MA-10 Guitar,
11. First Act Volkswagen Garage Master,
12. First Act Volkswagen Garage Master (But this ones red!)
13. Oscar Schmidt OF2SM Guitar,
14. Sigma By Martin Classical guitar
15. Rogue RA-090
16. Fender CD-60SCE 12 String Acoustic Dreadnought,
17. Ibanez Gio GSR200 Bass,
18. Best Choice Acoustic/Electric Bass Guitar,
19. Airline Mandola,
20. Resoluute 5 string banjo,
21. Rogue RLS-1 Lap Steel Guitar
22. Technics SX-PR54 Digital Piano,
23. Williams Legato Keyboard,
24. Cine Hricane UK-21 Soprano Ukulele
25. Kmise Banjolele
26. Savannah SF-100 F Style Acoustic Mandolin,
27. 4/4 Violin,
28. Irin 37 Key Melodica,
29. SODIAL 12 Hole Plaster Ocarina,
30. Night by- Noble 12 hole AC Plastic Ocarina,
31. Anwenk chromatic Harmonica,
32. WuYue 2 string Erhu,
33. XingHai Hardwood Pipa,
34. Cambodian Rosewood Hulusi,
35. Taishogoto/Nagoya Harp
36. Bundy by Selmer Resonite Clarinet
37. 17 Key Acoustic/Electric Kalimba,
38. Otamatone,
39. P. Potkin Jew's Harp,
40. Stylophone Gen X-1
41. Remo 22" Fiberskyn drum
42. Pennywhistle, Key D
43. Pennywhistle, Key C
44. Lyre Harp
45. Blue Kazoo.

-Recording Gear- (Just getting started on all this)

Reaper DAW
Shure SM7B
Shure SM57
Excelvan BM-800 Condenser Microphone
Focusrite Scarlet Solo
Vocal Isolation Booth (Home-Made, but effective and collapsible!)
Sennheiser Closed Studio Headphones
Piezo Contact Microphone Pickup
Clip-on Pickup for Acoustic Guitar/bass