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I am offering services in all things music. I play mainly drums and percussion, plus bass, rhythm and acoustic guitar and keys. I teach beginning to advanced drums and beginning bass and guitar. I'm looking for studio gigs and sub work for other drummers, collaborations, songwriting and special projects that need an multi instrumentalist. Also taking students that want to learn all styles including drum corp, jazz, hip hop, orchestral pit and hand percussion and all styles of rock and pop. I also offer a course of study for students for live and studio work in which we record your demo and play to click with backing tracks to prepare for industry in todays music. I enjoy a huge variety of music and play pretty much any style- rock, funk, metal, jazz, reggae, world music, EDM, country, orchestral percussion, acoustic and even a polka if that's what's needed. My classical training was from jazz and fusion guys so I will be happy to play extreamely soft with brushes on a tiny jazz kit or as hard and heavy as possible on a double kick rock set. It's all about serving the music, the artist, and the audience and getting the right sound for the song. In the past I have operated as a one man band/producer for other artists for studio work and enjoy seeing songs come to life. I have been playing multiple instruments professionally since 1990 and love being involved with multiple projects. I went to school for recording and mastering engineering and started a recording studio in 93 in Los Angeles and have recently moved to this area and now in the process of setting up our recording space again. My wife Amber (vocals) and I have been in a multitude of bands over the years and are reforming our group called Crankin Haus to play danceable rock, funk. and metal for casinos, clubs, and weddings (See band mix profile) We play with a few groups and artists around town and are both available to play with other projects and want to network with and support the local musician community. Have pro gear and play to a click and can taylor my collection of drums, cymbals, guitars and keys to get the right sound for your session or performance engagement. I also repair and customize drums, fabricate, cut to size drum shells and true up bearing edges and repair cracked cymbals. Can rent and set up equipment for your recording session or gig. Need a last minute drum tech who can bring a kit, set up and tear down to free you up so you just play? Can also act as a guitar/bass tech for an important gig and will tune, set up action and intonation if needed, solder broken connections and hand you guitars during the gig when you cant afford a full time tech

Text dan at 253 230 3482 and I'll get back asap
Or mail at dkgreene21 at yayhoo dot com

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DRUMS; John Bonham, Terry Bozzio, Louie Bellson, Stewart Copeland, Omar Hakim, Neil Peart, Joe Morrelo, Tony Thompson, Tony Williams, Jeff Pocaro, Chad Wackerman (I studied under his dad Chuck Wackerman) Steave Jordan, Bill Bruford, Buddy Rich, Steve Smith and many more

GUITAR I'm mostly a rhythm player but do some lead. I'm definitely a tone chaser so use a variety of guitars and effect to get THAT sound. Some that I am influenced by in sound or style: Joe Walsh, Angus Young, Alan Holdsworth, Brian Setzer, Slash, Robert Fripp, Dean Deleo, Jerry Cantrell, Duane Eddy, Duane Allman, Nile Rodgers, Hendrix, Alex lifeson, Jimmy Page, Zakk Wylde, George Harrison ...
too many to list and every style of music on the planet continues to influence me.

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I build custom drum kits and have a very supportive wife so.....
I have a large collection of ludwig drums I have acquired over the years. Basically I would get the orphan drums off ebay, strip the sound deadening plastic wrap off, re-cut and true the bearing edges and finish with a satin black finish so I can grab whatever size and configuration kit I want for a gig. I have almost every size drum that Ludwig has put out so everything from 6 inch tom all the way to a 36 inch concert bass drum.
18, 22, 24, 26, 28" kicks . The 28 is my favorite, just a massive deep sound but the 24" is more club friendly.
Priemier APK birch kit in black shadow which is their answer to the Yamaha recording custom. 22x16, 16x16, 13x12, 12x11, 10x9, 8x9
Mapex maple kit, good all around kit. 22x16, 16x14, 14x14, 13x12, 13x7, 12x7
Vintage 1960s mahogany Japanese Luxor jazz kit. 20x14, 16x16, 12x8, blue pearl with nice mojo
Vintage 1928 Ludwig 28x14 bass drum with period correct hardware if you want legit early jazz and Dixieland look and sound
I have about 21 snares to choose from, 10, 12, 13, 14 and 15 inch sizes in wood, steel, brass, and aluminum.
Cymbals from Paiste, zildjian, Sabian, Wuhan and very rare Turkish and Italian jazz cymbals.
I have electric drum kits from alesis and roland
Tons of Latin and hand percussion, cajons, djembe, darbuka, and yes I have about 10 cowbells for some odd reason.
Other gear,
Full studio and PA system.a
Alesis, roland, korg. E-mu keyboards.
About 25 guitars and basses,
Multitude of amps, effects and outboard gear.