Vocalist, Bass Guitar.


I'm a drummer for 2 metal bands. Both bands have a lead and rhythm guitarist while one is missing a bass and both is missing a clean vocalist. We already have someone who can handle screams, but we need someone who can sing clean and powerful. I myself am not a speed drummer like a lot of drummers these days. I can't do the tempo 160+ 16th note kick pedal rolls (at least not reliably) or the gravity blasts that are so famous and popular with the metal world today. Instead my beats are either simple and very catchy (like Disturbed), or for a complex time signature (like Dream Theater).

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Aug 06 2010
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Drummer(me): Disturbed, Dream Theater, Dragonforce, A7X, Dethklok.
Guitarist 1a: Disturbed, As I lay dying, Bullet for my Valentine.
Guitarist 2a: same.
Bassist: Cannibal Corpse, Behemoth, Dethklok
Screamer: White Chapel, etc.
Guitarist 1b: Looks:Slash, and has a lot of influences.
Guitarist 2b: unsure of influences

Members Of Band

Band 1: Robby-Guitarist 1a, Dallas-Guitarist 1b, Nick-Bassist, Jacob-Screamer, Tyler-Drums.

Band 2: Alex-Guitarist 2a, Collin-Guitarist 2b, Tyler-Drums.


Robby: Jackson V or Ibanez. Line 6 Spyder III.
Dallas: Unsure of guitars. Crate 120wt.
Nick: Ibanez 5-String. Practice 30wt.
Jacob: 300wt Bass amp.
Alex: Ibanez, Fender Stratocaster, Gibson Explorer w/Bigsby, Laguna, and one other I can't remember. Crate 200wt.
Collin: Schecter S-1 Elite. Marshall Half-stack.
Tyler: Sabian 20" Ride, 1 Floor/3 drum rack toms, 2 Zildjan 16" Crash, 1 Sabian O-Zone, 1 Sabian 8" Splash, can't remember snare or hi-hat brand, Double Iron-Cobra kick pedals, sort of Windchimes (it's not all quite there).