David Tyler


Keyboard, Vocalist.


I'm a rocker ... straight to the point. I'm not a metal head but I can go there. I wouldn't be interested in playing in a classic rock band but some of that stuff can be fun and crowd pleasers.

And, it's all about the audience.

Personally, I think you have to rock the crowd but make it fun. You need to be the party. A little VH, 3 Days Grace, Crue, Theory, Disturbed, a little Buckcherry, Papa Roach, Shindown, AX7, some GNR, and then you take them somplace unusual just to break it up.

And the bottom line is this: You need to rock but it needs to be sexy so that it brings out the girls. Where the girls go, the guys follow (and, really, who wants to play in a club with nothing but guys in black t-shirts pumping their hands in the air! I want to see chicks)... and they buy drinks. Let's face it, bar owners aren't hiring us because they're big live music fans... they hire us to sell beer, basically. So, my mission is to find or create a band that understands that it's important to draw a big crowd and the ways to go about it.

I'm very much a melodic player and I like to fly around the neck just a little every now and then but I still feel good about pumping out some pedal tones as I hold down the bottom. There's a sense of strength and power there.

Grew up playing some progressive, hard rock, and the odd pop song. I like to think I have the chops to play tasty licks without going overboard and making a song all about the bass.

And, vocally, I've very often been the Lead Singer/Front Man.

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David Tyler
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Apr 25 2008
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Very Committed
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Over 100
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More than 3 times per week
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2-3 nights a week
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A few of the Bass Players that influence me: Billy Sheehan, Duff McKagan,Paul McCartney, Rudy Sarzo, Roger Glover, Geddy Lee, Greg Lake, Michael Anthony.

Vocals (just a few): Sebastion Bach is a big influence as is McCartney ... (I know - strange mix) Axl just for his inflections; Miljenko Matijevic from SteelHeart;

When it comes to writing:

Richie Sambora/Jon Bon Jovi; Chad Kroeger & Nickleback; Slash; Lennon/McCartney; Van Halen (the earlier years w/Diamond Dave); CC Deville/Bret Michaels - just to name a few

Instrument experience:



Bass Guitars:

Ibanez SDGR 405QM (5 string); Ibanez SDGR 305 black (5 string) 2 Yamaha RBX375 (both black and both 5 string) w/active pickups; Hamer 8 string; Gibson Explorer; Rickenbacher 2001; Fender Jazz; Rogue acoustic bass (just for around the house); Hofner B Bass Hi Series (too beautiful to leave the house!)

Bass Amps:
Ampeg SVT 4Pro racked with digitech multi fx unit, Alessis dual compressor, Korg DTR-2000 tuner, and X2 XDR95 wireless - two Ampeg Pr410 HLF bass cabs; Ampeg SVT 3pro (I'll be biamping shortly), an older Yamaha 100 with a two 15 cab, Peavey TNT for jamming and small jobs.


2 matching Fender HM Strats (one corvett blue, one black) fitted with a GK2 midi pickup (Roland); Gibson 70's gold top w/DiMarrzio pick-ups; Gibson Explorer; Ovation Balladeer; Washburn accoustic SJ-180

Guitar amps:
Two Marshal 50 watt half stacks - one a 100 watt bass head converted to a 50 watt with modifications to bring in the higher end for use as a guitar amp. These are usually run in stereo with a chorus. Mesa Boogie 2 12 combo;

Guitar FX:

Roland GR-33 Guitar Synth; Vai Bad Horsie Wah; Heil Talk Box; Vai Lil Alligator Volume pedal; Digitech Whammy Pedal; Digitech RP 350; and the usual assortment of Delay, Compression, noise gates, chorus,and other stomp boxes, Digitech GSP 1101 Multi-Effects Processor and Pre-amp with foot controller.

Shure PGX System wireless vocal headset; Shure PSM 900 series wireless In Ear Monitors; TC Helicon Voicelive 2 Harmonizer;