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Lol unedited HEYHI>>>> good day.. I wanted to put a comiment just for fun , but can only check one... I am putting myself out to a female that would like to take on life of music. Amazing in a whole different way... A real way... I am singer song writer musician ect ect ect ect,, some have said like a one of a kind ect.. lol but humble thanks ;-). I play many instrument, but lately, 12 string , native Ameren flutes, percussions , writing and singing ect,, But note I at this moment have many albums that would love to be created. Each one of my songs can also be turned into many Different from mellow vibe to electric base, cant help but moving the body kind of stuff, from spa to good beet dance music with the same song if I wanted to but possibilities are endless as I will explain more.. But if I do it I want to do it funeasygoingbig .. LOL yes in different kind of way... I am completely original different in all I play, write, or do, I guess one reason is because I come from different angle of life, But for reference Buddhaheadd kinda stold/got A couple of my songs years ago.. But before that I went into study on mauii and played a couple songs for the guy and he said wow where gong to make u a rockit star., then after we got couple amazing song going I came one day and there was sign on the door,. Sorry guys!?!?! I met the love of my life and I am off to new York.. Anyway A couple reference to note I got some good stuff...But also then I didn't really even know how to play the guitar but people seem to love the rhythm. Note I am thousand times better at the guitar now.. ANyway I have some big plans for music for anyone's music. I can truly say if there is a good song I can make it better. It is not the bird that ccreates the sound is is the sound that creates the birds; . LOl and while we are there at the moment which came first the chicken or the egg.. they came at the same time as this planet was seeded with life.. and if you understand that you will understand I have thousands of soungs to write and sing to the world about it.. LOL do you want to help!>!>! Anyway I just signed up and going to save 12/25/21 and come try to explain more latter...

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The washing machine Ch ka Ch ka Ch ka,,, lol ??what influence me!?!?! girl love to dance, go figure!!! BUT seriously its one of the ting that help for those moment of time to slip away from the world and think of something good. All the music of the past influenced me to know the sounds I like and don't. . I love good rhythm and beet ....but most lyric in the world I am not into so much sometimes ;-) ...the music with words that I have to change in my head when singing them not for me, Lets put it this way, it's to much work to listen to unconscious songs.. Unconscious lyrics which most are!!! I am not into alot of old rock and such like that anymore just because of most of it. , There is alot of good music besides that anyway... I am into consciousness music or at last be able to see that person or band is trying.. am like one man band but lol that get lonly along long time ago.. I write and sing sing god conscious songs if I am going to tell the world something.. And that god consciousness is were my lyrics come from. but somtimes the most amazing can come of somthing messed up.... So for practice I will for moment purposely throw my fingers all over the guitar just to see if I can here something new and it always happens. ...somthing new.....diffrent.. I have had many say they like that my stuff doesn't sound the same. ... plus I dont stop like most will to get the applause I just meld it into the next new song and keep going.. I have had people say they liked that also.. Yes the human emotions are controlled by the must as if in another dimension.. depending on the sound vibration and consciousness coming from the music+++lyrics good or bad,, sound and color will be he new consciousness for healing in the future and good music does just that... So anyway I first will play the song on the instrument then I listen to the words it has in it and that is how I write songs. god breaths breath in to the guitar and man....Word in sacred.. so it 's good to, if your are going to sing. Sing conscious songs and let god source play through your hands and mouth ;-) So anyway between me mother father god and u now know, life influenced me, the birds the bees the fower and the trees.. and it can be played in as many way the mind can imagine. I teach kids all this stuff in hawaii,, but here on the main land it;s against the Law so not much happens there,,, But kids are much easier to share and teach when parents are willing to just let them learn Hawai yeah sometimes.. here on the main land naa !!. I teach imagination and the potential in it just as jesusbuddhayou and all will some day.. in what ever their higher self consciousness decides to give it in their one unique way.... Anyway thats all can write at the moment..

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Many Ect ECt... but ILL note here At one time before coming back to main land time before last I had A full studio and consert equipment but at this moment I am and have just the simples.. But I do have the knowing of different studios like garage band and crystal audio ect..