Thanks for listening to my practice track. "Lost in a Dream" was something I came up with on the fly while trying to learn how to use my recorder at the time. This track wasn't practiced or mastered, it was nothing but an idea at the spur of the moment. Please excuse the poor job of playing and recording. Since I am not good at recording, I do not have many tracks down at the moment. (I actually hate the recording process... lol. I am NOT a recording engineer.)

(I know this website is for musicians to find one another, I basically joined this website for a friend at the time. At this time I am not looking to join a group or band due to health reasons and other complications. Although I appreciate any and all that are interested. If my situation changes I will be updating my status here. Thanks)

I play and have played several different instruments, (Drums, Keyboard, Mandolin, Bass Etc.) mainly playing the guitar since 1985. Currently I am recovering from a work related accident. Most of my injuries are ongoing and I am unable to perform my best. I have back, neck and leg injuries with five bulged disks, degenerative disk disease, arthritis and partial numbness in my limbs. The list keeps going. My third and fourth fingers on (both hands) are numb continuously which is a nightmare for a musician. So.. I just try to play what I can and when I feel good enough to do it.

Thanks for listening to my track(s). I have more to record.. I'll try to post something new when I can.

Thanks for all the well wishes and messages, it means a lot. Good luck to everyone!


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May 17 2009
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George Lynch, Yngwie Malmsteen, Randy Rhoads, Jimmy Page, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Jerry Reed, E.V.H., Vito Bratta, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Vivian Campbell, C.C.R., Golden Earring, Boston, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Ozzy, Dio

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60's - 80's Rock/HeavyMetal, Alt.Rock, Neo-Classical, Classical, R&B, Blues, Country, Traditional Gospel, Latin, Folk, Jazz

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Current Equipment (out of date - will update soon)

* Yamaha Pacifica Guitar - old and worn out, needing new frets.
* A Kit Guitar with a floyd rose tremolo and 24 frets that I put together.

Future projects include re-fretting and possibly scalloping the neck on my Yamaha. And on the kit guitar I would like to replace the neck, tuners and pickups.

* Peavey Transtube Bandit 112 - Amp
* Boss ME-33 - Effects Pedal
* Boss BR-600 - Studio/Recorder



Past Events

Since I joined BandMix I've been through many personal trials and I haven't had the interest in recording anything. I hope to record some new things that I've been playing, working with different styles. Lately I've been learning some Yngwie Malmsteen "style" Neo-Classical music. Hopefully I can get a track made soon of my latest stuff... Thanks for visiting my page.