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My number is 904-616-3569 call after 9pmEST, anytime. I don't answer my phone during day hours, because I only talk to vampires.
You can also text.
If you leave a voicemail, it will join the leagues of the undead, in my voicemail box, because I refuse to check it. (It's literally 99.99 percent full of debt collectors wanting me to fork over my student loan payments, and also, none of them are vampires.)
I should have considered a life of crime...like some of my ancestors. (Hey, maybe it's not too late? If the whole music thing doesn't pan out.)

I like to sing songs all day long.
I have had very little formal instruction.
I was born into a family with Scotch-Irish roots. Kinfolks&fams in the Appalachian Mountains kept the music alive, and poured it all around when I was small, every summer. I can't recall seeing any sheet music, just loads of men and boys with all variety of stringed instruments. Guitars, banjos, mandolins, violins (no, that's a fiddle!)
My musical genres are eclectic, continuously growing, evolving, finding cool new sound, whatever you want to call it. Lately I've been enjoying Sea Shanties a lot. (Because they make work fun, just like they are supposed to, hey!)
You can only pick 4 genres here, but I think it would be easier to say the music that I don't care for...Nah. Compare lists of music likes with me, we'll have tons of music we both like, even if you are only slightly diversified in your musical interests.

So I can play a little bit of keys, piano, guitar... probably bass. I've been playing a little Ukulele, borrowing my kids' to play around on. But really these are just things I dabble in...my "instrument" is my voice, because singing is fun. :)

Ok, what else. Oh yeah, on the instrument front...I lost use of my hands for a year or two...the atrophy was bad, but a surgeon fixed them up, and so now I'm trying to bring them to "what they used to be able to do." Docs said that it might not be a full recovery, but I'm giving it my damnedest. ;)
I know enough musical theory to get on well enough to throw down some chords if needed, but if it's super busy fretwork I prefer one or the other. Or half of both, haha.

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And the gracious musical mentors I have found throughout my life, always teaching. (Free knowledge?! Yeah! Tell me more!)

I think the only genres that I really would not be super into are rap, punk and metal...maybe polka too, lol but I still like variants on all of those, and enjoy singing them. I love the evolution of music, and I tend to enjoy music that has rooted from many influences.

I like to sing basically any song that I know the words to...not knowing them doesn't stop me though, lol, I just throw in the "oohs" and ”ahhs” and whatnot, harmonize over or under the main melody line, or with it, in whatever harmonic intervals fall out at that moment. For this latter reason, not knowing the tune doesn't stop me either...haha, I'll just kind of float my voice till I find a few keys at the root and tonic (or around, whatever) and do it that way...and then the next time I hear it I know the tune, so I do whatever. But that's by myself...(or around my kids, same difference, no shy, no shame.)
It has been a LONG time since I have sang around/in-front of other people...so be open to giving me a little bit of time to be in the music space, settle in with everyone, and hear everyone's sound and process it for a few songs or so first...if you are cool with that. :)

On new music....I love to discover songs and new music that I like and have never heard, but making a new song (for me) is kind of intimidating. So those of you wizards and lizards that are making new things...um, hats off at you, cause you make the new songs happen! So yeah, kudos at all of you writers! (Plus, my daughter is a writer, so I kind of have a soft spot in my heart for you writey folks.)

What else...idk. I like to drink things that are really cold, and really hot. All the cold water. Then more water. And sometimes beer, especially with Sea Shanties! And all of the hot teas (yeah, the part of me that isn't Scotsirish is English, so I'm grateful for that, cause I really like tea, haha.) It seems unrelated, but hydration is important for voice (more in allergy season) so I'm always reminding myself to drink water. (And now I have a reminder here too, haha! Brilliant!)

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Vox (super duper small me...my sound is big though!)

Ukulele (concert)

This list looks pretty small...better make up some stuff to add here...
How about...

(I bring the spirit of the ulsterscot sea voyagers! And music from the mountains they landed on, and stayed on, a way long time ago! And...the super duper family (not so) secret tradition of circle music times, with many people (even the old ones, with wrinkles) playing music with watermelon and moonshine, while the kids (that was me! Hi!) all danced and played around, wanting to be close to "the sound!" (Disclaimer here... moonshine is not for children, and you legally have to live on a mountain & own at least 2 instruments and have 72 good, old stories and know jokes that kids don't know to drink it. I observed these rules in action by watching everyone around these special musical reunions in the mountains when I was around 6 or 7, so the rules might have changed. I haven't been in decades, but I kept a lot of it with me, and it seems to have grown along with me, so I have plenty enough to share with everyone who needs or wants some of the lively musical spirit of mountain gatherings. (I share a lot of it with my 2 kids...they have never been, so they get there by music and sound and song and dance. Makes the younger one jump and clap. He was born with a good bit of mountain spirit, just by nature.)

Ok, so also email...