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Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Violin, Keyboard, Background Singer, Other.


My vision is to establish a successful, fun and harmonious symphonic metal band with like minded individuals.

Musically speaking, I want to create a band, album or pieces that have a mixture of orchestral, symphonic, tribal, theatrical tones and much more to it! I'm open to expanding upon my creativity as well as the creativity of others. Lets have fun and create something badass!

Lyrically, I want to create something thought provoking, healing, uplifting, empowering and much more than what I can put into words. I'm a bit of a goth/hippie chick, and words/intention mean a lot to me in creating music for myself, with others and for others. I love to write and have some small things written. And I would love to collaborate on lyrics potentially with another like minded/free thinker.

Visually, I would love to be just as dramatic/theatrical with potential videos and things of that nature that can be tied to this project. I have big dreams, a big vision and a huge voice to match.

Long term and short term, if there is the potential for local shows and/or if doing a toured gig is an option, that is something I'd potentially like to explore as a band.

It is important that we are of like minds, can get along, are committed, dream, create, have fun, be playful and free when working together!

I am be open to collaborating or even doing some covers with potential band mates or artists in general. I am a high lyric soprano from what my voice teacher says, and currently don't read sheet music or play any instruments. However that will be changing soon.

My description may be long and detailed, but it is important to me to be clear about what I am looking for and where I'd like to go as a potential group. While I do have a big voice, I am still new to performing and can be a bit shy. I am still learning a lot about music myself, but my voice is where I am naturally gifted. I am very motivated to learn and grow as a musician and with others musically. I'm very excited to create with others!

So if you are serious, are experienced and are of like mind then please feel free to contact me here. Or email me at bleedingheart607 at dot com.

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Feb 16 2016
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Leaves Eyes
Lacuna Coil
In This Moment

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Dayna Deleon Perez - Vocals


Condenser Mic
Pop Filter
Microphone stands
Focusrite 2i2 Audio Interface
AKG Headphones

Currently building my own home vocal booth.