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Hey everybody, I am the DC Street Performer.

Basically what I do is perform the world's greatest hits, from undiscovered music artists of all different genres, at the reflecting pool steps in front of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. The performances haven't started yet, but they are upcoming/scheduled for the next few months and summer of 2021, permits pending with the National Park Service.

There is a website out there that showcases all of the songs in one place, and I've picked a few to help perform and promote. One of the things that's "in it for you" is the chance to potentially earn royalties from helping to break through these songs one day. It's like investing in penny stocks of corporate giants who are still at startup level, or being an early adopter of a digital decentralized currency. Each song is truly a great hit, or a diamond in the rough, and only needs to be placed in front of a crowd for many other people to agree and become fans.

I've created a Bandmix account for the sole purpose of scouting out any singers / guitarists who would like to join me in the spotlight each day and night helping to perform the songs. You would be able to pick whichever songs you'd like to play from the website, and then you can simply do an acoustic performance playing guitar and singing (w/ backing tracks optional).

I have a very loud double loudspeaker / subwoofer combo set sound system w/ spotlights, all wireless setup (microphone, guitar, speakers, etc.), and I may film you (and others) as you perform, and send the videos to the original music artists for them to post to their social media accounts and fans. Quite a few of them have thousands of fans, and they'd love to see someone else performing their tune, especially in front of the public memorials at the nation's capital.

It's all quite a fun experience, and a beautiful scene where the performances are slated to take place, in front of the reflecting pool at the Lincoln Memorial. There are thousands of tourists who walk by the spot each day and night, and the whole act would be seen by crowds of hundreds each hour (on average). The crowds rotate in and out about every 30 min or so from what I can see, a whole new crowd about every half an hour.

I performed in front of the White House a few years back under public gathering permits, which is what these applications/permits are for as well. This means the act is what NPS calls a "musical demonstration" and is applied for under 1st Amendment rights to free speech and "artistic expression". I'll be giving a few speeches in between the songs (no, you don't have to!) in keeping with that theme and satisfying the 1st Amendment nature of the permits.

Visit my website at dcstreetperformer.com. From there you will be able to find the music. If you are interested in performing any of these songs - and hey, it's good practice if nothing else - then I will just need to hear/see a clip of you singing online somewhere. You have to be good, and I know many of you are. I plan to reach out to many of you, but please feel free to send me an email at the bottom of my website if you find me first and haven't heard from me yet.

Looking forward to hopefully meeting some talented musicians who live in the DMV, or who are willing to commute to the DMV for the live shows. I can recommend a great place in Capitol Hill for you to stay at on the cheap (daily, weekly, monthly) if you need a place that takes care of everything for you... even gives you breakfast :)


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The all-time "classics" and greatest hits!

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Myself (Jake) "DC Street Performer" - Vocals and acoustic-electric guitar.


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