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Bass player returning to the Couv/Portland area looking for a group of musicians who know how to sacrifice for the benefit of the music (I know... what a concept, right?). Professional level playing and equipment, studio experience, and my passion is playing LIVE. And get this - I know how to get along with other people (again... wtf?). Alcohol free and 420 friendly, no drama or ego, and looking for people who fit the same descriptions above.

I would describe my bass playing as melodic, not one who just follows the root note as a foundation for a guitar player (but can/will when the song calls for it). I love to collaborate with other musicians and build music based on emotion, fun, and whatever we're feeling in the moment. I don't get my feelings hurt by being told that what I'm playing doesn't feel right for the song, but I do prefer to write my own bass lines - except when learning lines already established.

As for genre - I'm a hard rock bass player with a classic rock foundation, but am open to playing just about anything. Bands I currently love are Foo Fighters, most grunge (STP, AIC, etc), radio-ready rock (Daughtry, Van Halen, Collective Soul), Classic Rock (Zep, SRV, Yes), adult contemporary (Sting, Peter Gabriel), and blues.

As much as I like the writing process, I will definitely play covers as well. In that regard, I have a high standard for my bass playing. I think the song needs a familiar low freq foundation and has the least permission to wander from the original. Guitars and drums have a greater tolerance for improvisation, but in covers - if the bass sounds effed up, so does the entire song. Therefore, I do my best to ensure that it sounds as close to the original as possible.

I dabble on many instruments, and sing backing vocals. Im also a graphics artist with a flair for logo and website development.

I'm fairly open to practice a few days a week, am very reliable, and I'm hoping to find just the right group of people (as effing hard as that is...).

The videos are from my last band, and we performed a weekly online livestream. So as you watch, you get the unedited songs... warts and all. Enjoy.

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John Paul Jones
Chris Squire
Stu Hamm
Michael Anthony
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Tommy Hamilton
Tal Wilkenfeld

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Yamaha TRB-4P
Ampeg SCR-DI Box Preamp (studio & live)
Hartke Mosfet 3500 (350 watt - old but pushes a LOT of air)
4x10 Peavey cab
1x15 Peavey cab
SM-58 omnidirectional mic with cables & stand