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Played in hardcore bands in 20s stop cause of fam. Kids not kids no more no woman no more and playing the drums is my church. I play day at least 3 times a day trying to make up for lost time. But im playing for me amd only for me not to famous or get drunk or bullsh*t about life. Music is were i like to create. I dont care if its rap music or bluegrass hillbilly sh*t illl play anything within miniutes of hearing a melody. Playing on right now and alesis pro kit and destroying it because i play like i do a real set the only way i remember but been messing with computers to learn amything new with music technology. That dont sound right to me. Lol There is however one benifit i have with the electric kit that an accoustic one doesnt. I can make the drums sound like watever i want and lets just say i have no attentions span so im always messing with differsnt sounds and styles just because i feel like i progress everyday were everything else feels mundane. Proly cause its all fake. 2 things i dont do drink and lie to myself or others. If im talking its for a reason and i dont beat around bush or hide things from anyone im just along for the ride and as long as theres no judgement toward me alls good im really not looking for friends cause im good alone but i dont care wat kinda music it is as long as not heavy or hard metal. Angry enough dont need music adding to it. But anykind anytime my favoritr thing to do is just get together with other musicians and just jam give me a groove or melody and ill hit that sh*t. All i need is looks and i let my feelings do the rest. Just added thought that might be why i beem playing to jazz alot dont know any names of bsnds or songs yet because i needed lyrics before but. Now im more intested in wat the instrument says than wat a person says. No expectations no judgement just play wat u feel and let me put proly 20 beats to it in the first 15 miniutes playing i dont read music but i know alot of songs and if i herd it before once i usually can play it. Not exacly like the song but it will work. If need to though can imitate song exacly just prefer not to like i said its all about touch and feel for me now i work on tge rudiments but i force myself to play left handed wen practicing so if want to can play hands crossed or not learned hands crossed but trying to get left hand to do wat right hand does. The only thing im about is improving as a drummer and the music i know wat i know. Now i just want to know more. So should all of us. Evolve dont change.

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Lynard skynard led zepplin pink floyd pantera biohazard life of agony and all new country even the rap stuff

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Alesis strike pro. That im killing i got pro tools supior drummer 3 midis dj mixer. 4 channel mixer. Couple 1300 watt speakers couple 100 watt speakers . i can use the drums like a mother . but learning all the rest as best as i can cause wen i sit down to learn i end up just playing my kit for hours. Witch is never wasted time to me. Just trying to figure out a the dicipline to devide my time properly. And right now its more about me just playing to anything and everything. Withing reasonable tempo not looking for exercise lol