Ritual Murder


Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums.


Heavy fu*king Metal!!! That's the best description of our music. We don't exactly fit into one genre of metal but for the most part, we are a Death Metal band. However, there are also elements of Speed/Thrash Metal, Black Metal, Melodic Death/Thrash, and even some Groove Metal. No Deathcore bullsh*t, no whiny vocals about lost love and heartache or pretty clean vocals during the chorus. Lyrically, our songs are about the Occult, Satan & Demons, Blood & Gore, Hate, Anti-religion, War, Violence, etc. We're looking for someone with metal in their veins, someone who lives and breathes it.
Kevin - 256-504-4858 returnfromthegrave
Casey - 256-458-0990 casey.pwnder
Josh - 256-393-8397 zombie138live
If your interested get in touch w/ one of us. We are mostly interested in writing our own material but we are also learning covers just to fill out our set and broaden our horizons. Some of the covers that we have been playing recently are:
Death "Zombie Ritual"
Sepultura "Refuse, Resist"
Entombed "Stranger Aeons"
Obituary "Threatning Skies"
Deicide "Once Upon the Cross"
We are also in the process of recording a demo right now, so hopefully we will have some music up soon.

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Jul 29 2009
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40 years


Amon Amarth, At The Gates, Bloodbath, Carcass, Danzig, Death, Decapitated, Deicide, Dismember, Cannibal Corpse, Immortal, Krisiun, Morbid Angel, Nile, Obituary, Pantera, Skeleton Witch, Slayer, Suffocation, Testament, Vader, Vital Remains, and many others.

Members Of Band

Vocals - Josh Cannon
Rhythm/Lead Guitar, Bass guitar - Kevin Daniel
Lead/Rhythm Guitar, Drums, Bass guitar - Casey Ponder


A whole bunch of shit. Several guitars and bass guitars (Washburn, Ibanez, Jackson, Fender, Cort, etc.). Several amps and bass amps inclulding an Ibanez full stack and a Peavey half stack. Pearl Vision drum kit with loads of cymbals. A couple mics, foot pedals, and various other cords and what-nots laying about.