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I've been playing bass for about 16 years. Started out playing for my high school band. Then moved to Colorado and played in a rock band called Johnny Jazzkill. We sucked but I learned a lot! Played a gig with the USAF Academy Jazz Band before moving on to Oklahoma. Joined a funk/fusion cover band there, the old school 70's stuff that still had soul. Moved to Omaha and played in various bands, the Shidiots, Jury of the Condemned, Megaton and One for the Outcasts (punk, hardcore, and doom metal) before moving back to Oklahoma where I played some more metal and Christian rock. I've left my beer guzzling, devil glorifying days behind me and want to stick to projects that avoid all that.

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May 22 2006
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Moderately Committed
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50 to 100
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2-3 times per week
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2-3 nights a week
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Cliff Burton, John Paul Jones, Geezer Butler, Billy Sheehan, Stanley Clarke, Stu Hamm, Larry Graham and Louis Johnson, Matt Freeman.
Bands: Boris, Earth, Dead Meadow, Colour Haze, All them Witches, Pelican, Black Pyramid, the Sword, Bela fleck and the flecktones, the Specials, the Slackers, the Doors, Led Zep, Isley Brothers, Al Green, Dead Kennedys, Parliament Funkadelic, MFSB, Sly and the Family Stone, James Brown, Earl Scruggs, Son House, Ralph Stanley, Old Crowe Medicine Show tons more.

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4 Stringers: Homemade copy of a Carl Thompson, 83 Alembic Spoiler, Musicman Stingray, Steinberg Spirit double neck bass/6 str guitar, and Warwick Corvette fretless. 5 String: LTD F-5E
Amps: Ampeg head with Ampeg 8x10 cab. For guitar I have a Sunn Coliseum lead with a Behringer 4x12 cab. This rig was REALLY cheap (less than $400), but it sounds good and it's LOUD! Also have a chinese made SLO100 clone.
Effects and such: BBE Maxcom compressor, digitech jam man, boss GT-6B, EBS BassIQ envelope filter, Morley Wah, Sansamp BassDriver DI, Boss FZ-2 fuzz, DD-3 delay with keeley mod, vintage Holy Grail reverb, Line 6 delay and distortion modelers, El grande bass fuzz, DOD Buzz Box
I also have a decent PA system, with JBL 2x15 cabs, JBL 1x18 woofers, 16 channel mixer,effects processor, EQ, BBE sonic maximizer, and dbx modeled waveform synthesis. I have a little Ashdown combo amp and a small vox combo amp for practice/smaller gigs. Have a banjo as well but I'm not too proficient on it, more of a bass player than banjo. I use an M-audio recording interface and Adobe Audition for recording. Have a 70's slingerland maple drum set and a ton of mics for recording as well, although I don't really play drums much myself.