Guitar for hire or willing to be part of a serious jazz/fusion project just for the love of music. Can play all styles..Jazz,classical, rock, pop, country,fusion,ect... can play odd meter as well as straight ....can read charts if nessesary .I have a very good ear and can learn songs very quickly and was a former Navy band musician. Done casino club circuits in Nevada and all the music clubs in New York, New Jersey, ect....I currently teach guitar at my home if interested. I have school of music background....can teach Classical,playing on a nylon string Classical,finger picking or Jazz using altenate picking on electric or Neo-Classical shredding including arppegio sweep picking techniques.....many influences Alan Holdsworth, Ynwie Malmsteem, Vinnie Moore, John McLaughlon,Jean-Luc-Ponty, Joe Satrinani, Eric Johnston, ect.... most of the R/B, Soul, Funk styles of music..........have extensive background in music theory and harmony.....have experince in studios.... In the song demos, I am using a guitar synth system so don't be thrown off by all the pianos, and synth sounds. It is still my guitar playing on all the demos.....phone is...
386-313-1883......if you want people on Bandmix to contact you, leave a phone number in your profile...........

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