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***I apologize in advance for the length of this profile. I understand it’s very wordy…but I just want you to fully understand what you’re getting (and possibly NOT getting) with me.

I have 30 years of experience on drums and percussion. I also have about 15 years experience on guitar, however drums/perc. is my main thing. Here, In no particular order, are my strengths AND weaknesses:

- I Can play with or without a click
- Tech Savvy--Experience programming/operating backing
tracks and drum loops.
- Solid time. I won't rush the slow songs
or drag the fast ones
- Also have a great percussion set up for
acoustic gigs.
- Can sing lead and BGVs as needed.
- Although it matters not whether I play
originals or covers, I will say that I am
especially good at covers. I can learn
songs in a matter of minutes, and I have a
very straight-forward, simple approach:
Most of the time I just simply play
what's on the original recording. I'm not a
fan of fixing something that isn't broken. If
the original drummer played a part that
FIT the song perfectly, why change it? Of course
I'll adjust as needed if the band does a
different version...but other than that I just
leave it be.
- I Serve the SONG and not my EGO. You know the old joke?
What do you call someone who hangs around musicians?
Well, I will say that I'm very much a musician.
Although my ROLE is drums/percussion, I very much care
about the entire ensemble and the finished "product" that's
coming through the speakers. My goal above all else is to
simply do what I can to make it sound as good as possible.
- I have experience DJ'ing, which often
comes in very handy during breaks
between sets.
- Snare sound: I put great importance in
the snare and the backbeat...which I feel
is something a lot of drummers tend to
neglect or overlook.
- Easy to get along and work with. Drug and alcohol free.
- Not married and no kiddos, so I have
really nothing tying me down.
- I'm willing to relocate pretty much

- If you're looking for someone who can
go off on a 6-minute, blistering drum solo,
I'm probably not the guy for you. Not to
say that I'm not at ALL capable, but I'd
have to put a lot of work into it, and even then, there's no
guarantee it'll be anything jaw-dropping. Of course
it would be great to be able to do that, but
it's just never really been my interest on the
- I do have a double-bass pedal, but have
limited experience and I rarely
use it--primarily because the music I
usually play doesn't call for it. So if your
music requires a TON of it, you'll probably
want to look elsewhere.
- As to the aforementioned ability to sing lead, I will say
that it's not an ideal role for me. My baritone voice is
a bit limited in range. However, when it comes to harmonies,
my voice blends very well.

Bottom line: I believe very strongly that I have a lot to offer. I also feel that I've paid a LOT of dues...done a TON of less-than-desirable gigs. I would love nothing more than to hook up
with a legit artist or band that plays regular, consistent gigs...covers or originals.

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Jul 04 2007
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Very Committed
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Over 100
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6-7 nights a week


So when I first started playing, my "influences" were just whatever I was listening to at the time (mid-late 90's), including, but not limited to:
AIC, Metallica, Tool, GnR, Dave Matthews Band, Rush, Dream Theater, Newsboys, Rich Mullins, Petra, and Steve, the drummer at my church at the time. Also just random individual tunes like "The One I Love" by REM, God "Gave Rock N Roll To You" by KISS, and Wynonna's cover of "Free Bird" (No, I'm not kidding haha).

Nowadays, my influences--and my favorite drummers--are the Nashville/LA session guys like Chris McHugh (He's my #1 influence past and present), Ben Sesar, Matt Chamberlain, Eddie Bayers (who played on the aforementioned Free Bird). Their playing is just so tasteful and musical, and that's what I'm drawn to more than anything.

Instrument experience:

Other Percussion:
Background Singer:
Vocalist - Baritone:
Acoustic Guitar:
Rhythm Guitar:


Taye Studio Maple Drums
Sabian Cymbals
Remo or Evans heads
Pro-mark sticks
LP Cajon/Percussion
Earthworks and Audix Drum Mics
AKG D5 Vocal Mic

Tama John Blackwell (5x14 model)
Pork Pie Maple/Zebrawood
Pearl Session Elite
Mapex Piccolo (For acoustic gigs)