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Devil knows your name

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Accordion, Acoustic Guitar, Background Singer, Bagpipes, Banjo, Bass Guitar, Cello, Clarinet, DJ, Dobro, Electronic Music, Fiddle, Flute, Harmonica, Harp, Keyboard, Mandolin, Other, Other Percussion, Piano, Rhythm Guitar, Saxophone, Steel guitar, Trombone, Trumpet, Ukulele, Upright bass, Violin, Vocalist - Alto, Vocalist - Baritone, Vocalist - Bass, Vocalist - Soprano, Vocalist - Tenor.


Punk rock group focusing 100% on entertainment.
I have some sit in musicians. Looking for permanent partners in the entertainment business.
I really don't want to have to sing this shit lol.
Anyone interested just hit me up. Any instrument. Phone's in my url

Ziggy on lead guitar for planetary pit, drums, backing vox on beecioch

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Eature 6155463306
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Rickenbacker bass
2 hartke halfstack
Practice guitar , Laguna

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Skin a wheel

Feeling blue
Suffocating too
I got your pillow

Seeing red
Your so beautiful
When your on fire

Turn yellow
When I gotta go
Golden shower

Fade black
That's when you know
Took your halo

Make a bee line
To the liquor store
Man we gotta go
Skin a wheel

Blacked out and cracked out in front of you
Balding tires
Fucked up skull full of mush
My labido
Wonder how I'm still alive
My only friend
No sleep zombie for a week
Then we do it again

Thin line between dead and alive
Silver lining
Heart of gold but a heart of mold
Growing on my soul
Full of shit my eyes are brown
Death in my pocket
Rusted eyes color blind
Total darkness

Out for blood

Running from the monster
It's already too late
Tripping right before him
Last mistake

We can't count the bodies
Staked too high
Bleeding out the desease of a lovers cry
Broken bond bloody wedding ring
Beat to death by ball and chain

Breaking the chains
Shedding skin
Give me a knife I do it again

Out for blood
Killing for fun
Ready or not here we come!

Possession and your carcass
Belong to me
Resolution of the new year
No broken teath
Acclimation of of body wound
An bed of flies
Amputated bed sores
Smell flesh , butterflies!

Planetary pit.

Welcome to the celebration we've been sent to employ you
Don't give a shit JP on the pit get lit while we destroy you
Calling all to the metal ball complete master vision
Much ablidged you mosh and die join the mission

Planetary pit anyhillation
Crumble rumble rubble town
Salivating shit plan decreation
Built to burn your City down!

Boys in blue but we only see red
Pray to God you move so I can feed you some lead
Stick your hands up or I'll stick it in your head
Run for your life , or be dead
Blood thirsty cops busting out of the doughnut shop
Itchy trigger finger and we're headed for your block
Cock hard reaching for my Glock
Gets my panties wet when I see the bodies drop

Go diiiiieeeeee!

Final lullaby

Don't you know
I always love to
Hear you cry
Here's your final lullaby

Just be afraid and
Sit right back don't care you like it!

And know I always loved you
But now it's time to die
And know I'll never leave you scared
So say good night say your little prayers!

Take a trip via radio

The earth is but a piece of fecal dandruff under moon
Sun rotisserates this crap escape it with a tune
Woo ohhh thake a trip via radio

Heavyetal music brains oozing from your ears
If there's any left you can kill em with a beer
Woooo ohhh take a trip via radio

Enjoy brain damage from the metal planet
You said thank you I say bullshit damnit go away?!!

Cranking up the volume, bulging out your eyes
There's no level 10 you can crank it till you die
Woooo ohhh take a trip via radio

Heavy metal zombies rising from the grave
Bring you back to life just to kill you all again
Woooo ooohh take a trip via radio

Bring forth brain damage from the metal planet!

Devil knows your name

You know
My name
When you speak it tastes of pain.
I am the weak I am the bitterness

To far , to fall
Someone could catch us all
Buth there's still time to change the memory!

Oooohh but the devil knows your name
Screams it out in vane
Ooohh devil knows your here
Show your fear

2nd chorus
Warriors blood shows clear!

Broken glass of a memory
My dear
Running from your tears
Don't comfort

No illusion
No dream
No inocence redeemed
Spoken words unclean

This nightmare
Could end
Don't point to me my friend
Apology with terrony

The destroyer
Aof our world
Why should we fall
Strong One
And the weakest
Be the brightest star
Leave the deepest scar
On you!