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"Got gigs"Beautiful musical opportunity. Hello my name is Gary and I am a New Orleans born musician who's primary instruments are the upright bass,as well as 4-6 stringed electrics. I have an acclaimed partner orginating from Cameroon West Afrika named Rebezz who's primary instruments are the acoustic piano & electronic keyboards. We both play other instruments including percussions as well as other rhythm family instruments. We play various styles covering the extreme ranges of jazz from early to traditional to fusion and contemporary. We also enjoy performing all forms of blues,soul,funk and Afro/Cuban/Latin,and we generally play any style of music whether complex or basic and give the music just what it needs to be entertaining and inspiring. We both can also sing lead and background to some extent while playing our instruments. We can also interpet chord charts good and read a degree of written music. We both are experienced musicians who have recorded and toured before. We both have great equipment and transportation,and we can no,no,no will bring your musical situation to more than just the next level,but where it truly has the potiential to be! I (Gary) and my partner Robezz have the ears,the years(we're relatively young at least lookin':-)the talent,the desire and presently the time to offer this,all else required!!!,is the right person or people with the right situation for us all to realize something very,very special. So all said,IF YOU HAVE somethin' special and are the one(s) who have a working band,or are putting together a soon-to-be working band and have the hook-ups to keep what will be an extraordinary,powerful and dynamic entertaining force rehearsed and out there making some decent money....Robezz and I are just what is needed to complete the music' expression and delivery. We both somewhat recently relocated here to "Vegas". For more info. I/Gary can be contacted at eclecticenigma2u or(323)509-6016,and Robezz at doliho where he can be linked for emails.

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