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Hey, thanks for reading this.
My dream is to live in a world where people don't meet online because online wouldn't exist. However, I cannot reverse time so I'm must adapt and find some source of common ground with this technological world. I love music from the late '60s to the early '90s. Even some stuff from the early 2000s which does seem like a few lifetimes ago.

My goal, at least I would say, it ot bring rock back. It's here, it never left, it's in our culture and our lives but I love that music. I like most music but as for the type I want to make and play, I would say that rock (possible rock-pop? Though it seems most pop has gone bananas these days) is my love. I can describeth music I like but on this forum, it sounds and reads very sexually, so I am not listing those adjectives.

I am looking to form a band but would be willing to join as well if we fit together beautifully. I want to be with like-minded people, all talented in at least one area or another. I want ot make something new from the old and I want ot be challenged.

I know this is becoming quite long, I will just say that I want to be great, I have ideas of perfection, I am perhaps doing this a little late and also at the worst possible time in the world, but we must keep living in spite of adversity. Be smart of course, don't go on licking any door handles in public restrooms. NO, please do not do such a thing.

I am no expert, but I want to be. I want you to be an expert or also want to be. I want to share my idea of something new from the old and those who came before us.

I like humor, I like extremes, I like exaggeration with taste and class and above all else, purpose and talent. Fun is great, pretension can be both fun and grand and a work of art. it's almost always mixed up together, no?

I have been procrastinating on this posting. I hope you reach out. I would love ot start connecting and looking to see if a good fit. I know the current state of hte world makes things extremely difficult and risky. That's fine. Luckily, this a good time for technology to be in use and is beneficial for us all. I suppose I would say that I do no really know what I am doing, I hope you (or don't) but we can learn together and do things together. I would love ot have a band up and running, a good fitting band, worked out fr ht most part, by fall sometime. Great things take time, I am impatient, not a cruel human thought, do no worry. That is what I would prefer, but kinks may need ot be worked out more or less than the timeframe of fall. by working out, I mean playing together and looking to book venues. My basic idea is to start with the covers. Covers are a great place to start. People like covers. I want to do songs that we all like but in a rock format. I don't care if it hasn't come from rock originally I just want ot adapt it rock with some sweet guitar, drums, and bass. Piano yes, vocals, of course. I love real instruments. Touching, feeling, hearing.

From there, we can start developing our own, once we get ourselves together even more so.

Anyway, that is all. we will find a way to do this is we really want ot.

Thanks for reading this small book and I hope you're 1.) still sane, and 2.) interested.

Take care.

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