Edmund Hogan


I am saddened to have announced John Gonzales lost his father at 78 to covid, we are slowly reigniting our respective session work.I added a few new songs that were recorded prior and finally got around to mastering them,that and the Coast Guard has me exhausted,but duty calls!!!!! In addition to possible live dates perhaps at years end, John,Phil and I are recording some new originals.A finished CD should be out and for sale over CD baby,Sound camp and Sound Cloud in- 5-7 mos.We hope to perform these live if the tour ever takes off.

I have posted 2 finished tracks entitled "Celestial Sky" and "Dancing with Angels'' (Dedicated to Andrew Gonzales) the first to receive full copyright protection. We will, naturally make a formal announcement as to its release. We hope everyone is following guidelines and remain safe, though we know it wont always be the case.

We are bidding farewell to Caroline Hitland, Carol has rendered the decision to focus 100% on her solo work and hopefully tour. She is true pro and well wish her the best with her endeavours.

We do want to welcome Sara Loera a native californian who has been auditioning for the last mos and finally made the cut. Sara, a graduate of Juliard, and multiple vocal academies has toured with Fleetwood Mac,Cyndi Lauper,Faith Hill and Martina Mcbride

Edmund Hogan

Edmund Hogan(Rhythm Guitar,Keybourds,Piano,Midi pedals),John Gonzales(Bass.Keybourds,Bass pedals,Vocals),Phil Rivera (Lead Guitar,Keybourds,Midi pedals,Vocals),Steve Mangles (Drums,Vocals) and Steve Byer's(Lead Vocals,Guitar,Keybourds) are a group of pro studio/live support musicians with the honour and nothing less of a privilege of working with: Sara Loera,Carol Hitland,Tracy Martin,Dana Taylor,Heidi Farmer and Mindy Smith. Thank you girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. All of us have recorded and toured with Semi and Nat'l acts at one time or another. For rates and booking time please contact the email at the bottom.

If you are interested in working with the resident musicians on various projects that can involve recording semi and national musicians, we require a demo, interview and audition. Please note we only entertain those that are credentialed, experienced and must posses professional equipment. Conversant on multiple instruments is a plus.

Raised on Long Island NY. I started playing drums at 9, after a fair degree of proficiency was reached and keeping everyone awake untill 3 am!!!! for years on end, I required a new challenge and taught myself piano and with the help of some lessons, consequently, piano/keyboards took over.

Once again after drumming and playing piano a few years, I found myself in that inimitable position once more and seeking a new challenge. As a drummer for a Long Island band, I borrowed a guitar and never looked back. As coincidence would have it our rhythm guitarist left a couple years later, and I filled that slot continuing to tour NE. I am still very active on keys, Drums have taken a back seat, but I can still keep time with the best of them and will pull those tools out if needed.

I dont have any protective nature over what I compose, I lean towards more complex progressive/classic rock arrangements on guitar and progressive Celtic arrangements on keybourds. But, If stumble on a jazz, blues, reggae or country progression that I love, I will see it thru until its complete.
Founding member of the Dead Cricketsl/Two Tons of Steel (San Antonio Based).

Studio and stage work includes:

Morton Harket (A-HA),Tim Pierce,Monty Montgomery, Kevin Geil, (Two tons of Steel), Danny Rodriquez Band, Take 2 Band, Rewind (Austin), Yellow Brick Road (Las Vegas),Rita Wilson Kathrine Martin,Tracy Martin,Dana Taylor,Heidi Farmer,Tom Griffith,Caroline Hitland,Mindy Smith,Robert Cusak,Sean O'Conner, Jim Bonadonna, Don Mangles, Steve Byers,Steve Mangles,Paul Rivera Jr, Phil Rivera,John Gonzales,Chris Miyai,Darren Wharton (Formerly with Thin Lizzy), Rob Kenderick (Trapeze) Tommy De'Carlo (Boston) Roger McGuinn, Benson Chevrolet, Marriot Hotels, Ruths Chris Steakhouse, Ethan Allen

Musicians Society of San Antonio
American Federation of Musicians

Screen name:
Edmund Hogan
Member since:
Jun 09 2015
Active within 1 week
Level of commitment:
Very Committed
Years playing music:
Gigs played:
Over 100
Tend to practice:
More than 3 times per week
Available to gig:
4-5 nights a week


Rush, Kansas, ELP, Dixie Dregs, Yes. Grateful Dead, REO, Queensryche

Allan Holdsworth, David Gilmour, Eric Johnson. Eric Clapton, Mark Knopfler, Alex Lifeson, Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, BB (RIP), Buddy Guy

Neil Peart, Bill Bruford, Stewart Copeland, Hal Blaine, Buddy Rich and Keith Moon.

Rik Wakeman, Keith Emerson and Billy Joel.

And of course the band that started it all and put me on this wild ride back the 70's

The Beatles

Instrument experience:

Rhythm Guitar:
Acoustic Guitar:
Lead Guitar:
Bass Guitar:
Other Percussion:


Big Thank you's to the technicians that maintain and modify my gear!!!!!

Frank Abreggo (San Antonio)
Frank Sottile (San Marcos classic amp repair)
Bill Webb ( Austin Vintage Guitars) Austin Tx

Jamie Roadman (San Antonio)
Danny Shoemaker (Straight Frets) Austin Tx
John Thurston (San Antonio)

Amps and effects:

Main Rig
Rivera Knucklehead Tre 100 (Dirty channel) Mesa Lonestar 100 (Clean channel) Fishman Acoustic ToneDQ, Yamaha DXR15 powered speakers ( Acoustic Stereo Channel) Korg PA3X76 arranger workstation
Yamaha Motif
Roland PK5 midi pedals

Avatar 212 cabs * 2
Avatar 412 cabs * 2 ( As needed
Fractal Axe effect 2
Avid Eleven Rack (As needed)
Boss GT 100 ( As Needed)
Line 6 M13 ( As needed)
Roland GR 55 ( For Godin Guitar synth)
Radial twin city switching
Ernie Ball 25K and MVP volume pedals
Yamaha DXR15 Powered Speakers For the Godin and Reflex Piezo
Fishman ToneDEQ DI's

Friedman BE-100
Blackstar Series 1 104 6l6 2 (As needed)
PRS Archon 100 Head (As Needed)
Carvin Via Legacy 2 x 3 (As needed)
Laney VH100R * 2 (As needed)
Fender Supersonic 60th anniversary (As needed)
Egnater Vengeance (As needed)
Fenders twins:Twin amp, Red Knob, 65 twin reverb ( As needed)
Roland Jazz Chorus 120 ( As needed)
Rivera Knucklehead tre 55 1 12 and 212 combo (As needed)
Rivera Fandango 55 1 12 combo ( As needed)
Blackstar Series 1 212 combo ( As needed)

George L and Lava Ultramafic cables

Acoustic amps:

Genz Benz Shenandoah 300LT and Pro LT

Electric Guitars:

Schecter HSS x 2 (US Masterworks)
Schecter HSS Traditional Strat (US Custom Shop)
Godin LGXT,LGX-SA and Solidac
Tom Anderson Drop Top Strat HSH
Jackson SL1 (US Custom Shop)
John Suhr Standard pro HSS
Gibson Alex Lifeson Axcess
Music Man Game Changer Reflex
Music Man JP6 BFR Vintage Flame
Fender Select HSS
Fender American Standard HSS
Charvel Pro mod (2009 Japanese)

Acoustic Guitars:

Alvarez Yairi WY1
Alvarez Yairi MMY1


Korg PA3X76 arranger workstation
Yamaha Motif
Roland PK5 midi pedals
Roland KC550 and 880 amps


Tama 12 piece Star Classic


https://edmundhogan.wixsite.com/sunsetstudios (website is under construction)

All music recorded, mixed and mastered at Sunset Studio's Central. Some Vocals and Harmonies were recorded remotely to accommodate artists schedules