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Vocalist, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboard.


1) Tener to Alto bkVocals for soft rock original music band, tracks 2b demo'ed on Sound Cloud, proofed, then dropped to cd. Serious locals encouraged. Check your vocals against sound clip at bottom. If the feel is right, then get with me.

2). Person(s) with deep music theory background to help finalize a new and simple easy read leadsheet and learnpiano method called BSN (Bar Syllable Notation - I'm currently using) to be submitted for publishing.

Vision: Mixed band of what ever age doing Original Material in the soft rock style, country influence, some cover. lts love, fun, beauty, heartbreak but it feels so good even when it hurts.

I compose soft rock songs on piano and guitar. If the style or song seems to fit your band, we should talk. Maybe an original song may help or inspire.

Below i posted a clip (4_bnd_mx.wav 6/18/2020) to give an idea what I sound like musically on unpracticed new material for an upcoming cd.
elephantmoonstudio is my google email and utube handle too. If you like the style, are good, serious, and feel you can contribute, then contact please.

For now, back vocals in tenor to Alto is needed for song fluidity and for passages above my vocal range. Most songs I write are outside my range but I can demonstrate how they go.
No substance issues please (moderate brew & 420 ok ).

It's not so much how good one plays, it's more about the Sonic's. That is, one must sound great what ever the skill level. It's the magic in the sonic's that penitrate into the heart, which makes them feel the burning fire of emotion during a performance. When they feel it, they have to turn and look.

I love and can perform many styles of music but when I compose, I choose what naturally flows, rather then forcing a style or subject. A soft rock mix of whatever subject seems to naturally flow outward as I discover a sweet rif, adding licks, resulting in a new song. Maybe most ppl do it like this, ie, composing what ever they feel within.

Notice the pic with 2 paws on the keyboard? If he hits the "g" with his nose, he'll nail an "Em" chord. That is, often times we have what we need to get on with it. No real reason to be waiting on more.

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I practice many cover songs, stones Aerosmith, Adel, Tony Braxton and so many others because they are just so beautiful and speak to the soul. Spanish songs like from Selina, really starts ones grasp of why such word combinations are so beautiful when sung in a different language. Their eyes light up in attention though they don't understand what you're singing about. I believe cover makes musicians better and more open to different styles.

Cover is great but original music is the golden ship sailing through the heavens to the stars, for all genres where only the magic within the sonic's of song, can be shaped, and thus, felt. What ever the reason, I think we all would like some fame and a pot of gold nuggets.

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Bring what you play and we'll colaberate from there.
It might be good for us to remember that our job is to successfully arouse and entertain an audience such that they look up at the stage and say "Wow, their really good". It means professionals are on one side of the piano so the audience on the other side can party on. When the gig is done, then why not mingle with them and a few beers. They remember and tell wonderful and inflated stories about how they partied with the band after the gig saying "they're really a cool group".

If your pic is on my music list, there is something about your talant, suggested in your profile that I found interesting and may apply here. Contact if you can.

"Somewhere over the rainbow, blue birds fly. And the dreams that they dare to dream, really do come true". So get your dream on!

Sam Phillips helped Elvis because Elvis helped Sam Phillips and they both waltzed away with a smile. Can we do that? Maybe so.

PS, scrape that covid19 dust off the guitar, put some red or green chili on it and start heating up the audience the way we always do in these parts!!
Best journey's to you,