Embodied Despair


Bass Guitar.


Drummer in the death/thrashcore band The Nauseating Stab. We have a , of course. ://./thenauseatingstab

I am also a musician, generally, aside from drumming.

Long Term Goal: Extreme metal musician looking to play melodic metal written and preformed by myself on various pieces of recorded music.

In other words, record some stuff.

My goal is to gain as much influence and diversity as possible by playing with as many different people over courses of time to gain knowledge of individual genres and widen my knowledge, skill and techniques.

In other words, i'll play for anybody who needs me.

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Embodied Despair
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Nov 27 2005
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Metal and Extreme Metal Drummers: Derek Roddy - - Nicholas Barker - - Jan Axel Von Blomberg - - Asgier Mickelson - - Flo Mounier - - Pete Sandoval - Derek Roddy - - Martin Lopez - - Andrian Earlandsson - - Trym - - Mike Portony - - Tomas Haake - - Buddy Rich (aka the Original Extreme 'metal' drummer) - - Lars Nedland of Solefald, he just drums in such a cheesy way sometimes... and finally,

I don't take much else, influence wise, in my guitar playing. I just kind of play. I prefer being told to what to play, play it and find different ways, through my little knowledge of theory, to toy with it and make it better. Or not, it's up to you.

Everthing else there, I just kind of dabble with. I mostly learn pieces of songs that I like on things like the Keyboards acoustic guitars. Mostly video game music, though.

Other stuff that influences me: Richard D. James - - Ulver, Arcturus or anything that Kristoff Rygg puts his hands on - - Aidan Girt - - Nobuo Uematsu - - Anything done with Peccatum - - Biran Eno's insane Genius


PDP 5 piece fusion kit, Tama Iron Cobra Double Pedals, Paiste Cymbals, DW Hardware, Aquarian Heads, Pro-mark Japanese Oak 5B drumsticksk

For now, nothing. I'll be getting some gear as the money comes to me.

96' BMW 330i w/manual transmition