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I and a fellow individual are looking to start a band of the sludge-doom/grunge/punk/black metal with jazzy influences. I bet It's hard to visualize what I may mean by that at first glance but maybe I can put it into perspective for you:


sludge-doom: The overall tone of my guitar is aimed to sound like a mixture of acid bath and death, as those are two of my biggest influences. I love those slow but insanely heavy and eerie riffs that just make you wanna stomp around like a zombie. Taking from this genre the Gorey and occult-themed lyrics and phrasings (for example bewitched by Candlemass, or bleed me an ocean by acid bath).

Black Metal: I really appreciate the Norwegian sound and tinge in the vocals. The screams from this genre are superb and I'm in the process of learning to do them myself, ideally, I'd like for an artful mixture of screaming and grungy/punky singing. It'd be cool to have harmonizing vocals with another person (like how system of a down or Simon and Garfunkle just harmonize so well together, a different genre altogether but i have scatterbrain so deal with it lol). The blast beats from this genre on the drums are mandatory. I also firmly believe that music from this era sounded so heavy and different from modern metal music is because the equipment they used was the perfect amount of shitty.

Grunge/Punk: From these genres, I'd like to take the general attitude. Nihilism, Self-Loathing, General Loathing, Anarchy, BEING REAL AS FUCK, and the other extreme of not giving a fuck or taking things too seriously. All the while seeing the bigger picture in the world and with what is happening and having poetic/meaningful/simple/catchy lyrics that really envoke feeling. As well as that raspy thing they do to their voice while singing I tend to use it a lot. On the vocal aspect thinking Alice in chains vibes with the vocal effect. Bands like choking victim, or fugazi style vocals would be dope as well.

Jazzy Influences: Just speaking of the music theory behind most good psychedelic jazz (think jaco pastorius and how he reinvented how to play a bass basically). The process of deconstructing the music to the basics, and then making something over time that is very intricate, envokes plenty of feeling and is insanely unique as well as chaotic. This would be an influence over the entire music process in an ideal world.


They'd be on the drums, as a beginner with a lot of potential and drive. Plenty of time to practice all day every day (it's like this for both of us).
I play the guitar and do grungy/sludgy/punk-like vocals, working on sounding similar to Acid Bath with a slight Norwegian tang to sound like sorta black metal-ish (think Darkthrone, early Mayhem).
I am very new to vocals but have recently come to realize that it's an instrument I'm super passionate about. I really enjoy writing lyrics and have a few songs already written out.
The guitar on the other hand I have been playing since I was 11 years old, this was on and off practice but over the years I have gained a whole lot of experience and can play pretty much any song I set out to fairly easily, even metal stuff as that's what I've played pretty much the whole time. I can play stuff like Crystal Mountain - Death, Empty Words - Death, and Alison Hell - Annihilator; I can play other stuff but as far as the more fast-paced intricate stuff that is what I can do off the top of my head and I learn at least one new song a week. If we get talking I can make a video of my playing for you to give you an idea. Just waiting for my interface and mic to come in the mail so I can create better quality videos.


Music is my ultimate passion. This is what I want to do for the rest of my life. That's why I was so detailed in this description, it's super important our values merge well together if this band is gonna work longterm. We have plenty of time and drive to do multiple practices and shows each week, always be working on new material, as well as I do art so I can take care of shirts and all the graphic design we may need. I am going to Berklee online soon to learn everything I can about the business side of music so we never get screwed and we can basically be our own boss and take care of our financials better. I am a very organized person that would have no issue planning tours, album releases, and anything else that may come along the way. Part of my life's vision is to not only have my own band but to start a record label, throw metal/alternative festivals and shows and to hold my own venue, to open a record shop that will also sell instruments and merch and a whole bunch of other cool shit. This all is stuff I fully intend on doing within the next 5 years. I want to revive the whole rock and metal music scene for the better of the generation haha. Hopefully, this shows you how passionate I am about this stuff hit me up if this interests you at all.
I've been in a band in a small town in UT before, but like most of the people in that darned state that band was not going anywhere and there was nowhere for us to play anywhere near where we lived so, I only got to play 2 shows before the band's end. Good thing I got plenty of time and we live in Denver now so there are PLENTY of live show opportunities here.

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Death, Candlemass, Electric Wizard, Acid Bath, Mayhem, Darkthrone, Alice In Chains, and Choking Victim are the main ones that influence the type of music I'd like to make. Obviously so many more influences though I fucking love music.

Instrument experience:

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Drummer: Has just a Lil beginner drum set, nothing special, and will upgrade it over time as we get the band going.

Guitar: I've got a 7-String Schecter C-7 that I love, plays super great for what I got it for. Just set it all up got the truss rod in the correct spot, new strings, fixed intonation, adjusted the action, the works - so it sounds really good right now.

and I just ordered some new equipment as my previous pawn shop practice amp is just not doing my guitar justice haha.

Amp Head: Orange Dark Terror 15w Tube Head.
Cabinet: Marshall MC412A 4/12"
Interface: Focusrite Scarlett Solo Studio 3rd Gen
Mic: Scarlett Large Diaphram Condenser Mic (Came with the interface, not the best but a good start) with a pop filter and stuff.
PA: Not yet but in the very near future as soon as we get a few practices done and some songs worked out I should be able to go out and get that PA system.