Eric Scott Barnes


Vocalist, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Drums, Other Percussion, Keyboard, Piano, Background Singer.


Bass player and vocalist looking for other musicians for a cover band. My phone is 484.941.4577 if you want to call or text me directly.

Bass is my strongest instrument and I tend to play that (and handle a fair amount of vocals) in bands. I also play guitar (acoustic and electric) as well as piano and keyboards.

I have played in a variety of local bands and enjoy connecting with other musicians. I enjoy gigging as well as working in a studio environment. I like originals projects as well.

I try to keep things light hearted and easy going. I vastly enjoy connecting with talented musicians for the prospect of playing some very good music together.

My ideal situation is to put together a project with a small group of talented, but local musicians. I'd like any other vocalists in such a project to also play an instrument, in that way, any songs on which I sing lead do not strand that musician with nothing to do. Ideal practice time is during the week. However, I am open to anything that seems to work. I am usually always in a project or two at any given time.

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Eric Scott Barnes
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May 23 2019
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Over 100


Way too many to list here! I like most classic rock, progressive rock, alternative, classical, or jazz. I am not as much into rap or country (but like some stuff there is well like Kanye West, Oliver Tree, or Lyle Lovett). I love acoustic music and also avant-garde types of things.

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This is constantly changing, but I am a firm believer in having good equipment. I have a few basses (two Ibanez as I like the fret boards/playabilty/lack of weight and solid tone better than my old Rick, Fender, or Steinberger basses. But, I had to re-wire the active electronics), guitars (a beautiful American strat that is all stock and a Takemine acoustic-electric) and keyboards (a 49 key Kong synth and an 88 key Casio fully weighted electric piano) and have a small basement studio at home with an overly expensive and massively underused electronic drum kit. My current amp set up for bass is a 500 watt Fender Rumble combo with 2 10” speakers for mid-range and a Markbass 12” extension cab. I have a Fender Blues Junior III guitar amp. The drum kit is a Roland T-30 which I expanded upon with various extra triggers.

I have at least ten mics (used for different purposes ranging from drop in front cabinet mics to various vocal mics. I also have some mid range but very good condenser vocal mics for recording) and a crapload of pedals as well as multi-effects units. I don’t know how or why I have so much stuff, but I guess I am sort of a gear junkie!

I run Studio One as my DAW and find it much more user friendly than Logic.