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Hey everyone my name is Eric Walsh. I'm currently looking to expand and meet some other musically talented people and see what we can do together.

I spent 2 years at Berklee College of Music in Boston before dropping out to pursue self interest and jobs in the line of work. I worked sound for one in a half years in downtown Haverhill at the Chit Chat Lounge. I have a bachelors degree in fine arts from MCLA in North Adams. And I am/was part of bands who has opened up for several nation acts including but not limited to; The Misfits, Candlebox, Fuel, My Darkest Days, Smile Empty Soul, CKY, Hurt, Saliva, Taproot, and several others.

My main instrument is guitar but I do play many others so I'm not limited by any means. I think of myself as an arranger / song writer. I'm currently in a local band called Found Piece but I do have other times for shows if you're interested in a band. I do most of my recording in house with my brother who's a great audio engineer and I'm not too bad either.

I really Just want to get to meet more musicians in the area and collaborate on projects and try to make some money in the industry while we're at it. And even though it made me pick only four genres, I can play whatever genre you need at the time, and jam on it.

I do sit in work, am a music teacher at a local music school, fix / repair / and customize instruments, have a studio for recording artists, love playing out with bands, and just meeting up with people and jamming.

If you would like to message me at EricWalshMusic at that goog one dot com I will get back to you asap and would love to chat with anyone and everyone.

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May 21 2018
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Very Committed
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Over 100
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More than 3 times per week
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6-7 nights a week


Jimi Hendrix
Jimmy Paige
Eric Clapton
Brad Paisley
Steven WIlson
Miranda Lambert
Fall Out Boy
Ben E. King
Stevie Wonder
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Kirk Hammett
Johnnie Cash
Keither Urban
John Coltrane
Avril Levigne
Katie Perry
Kelly Clarkson
Blake Shelton
Jason Aldean
Randy Rhoads
Johnnie Cash
Jim Root
Miranda Lambert
Kenny Chesney
I have a lot of others but I don't want to take up the space.

Instrument experience:

Rhythm Guitar:
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Acoustic Guitar:
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Electric Guitars: Randy Rhoads RR5, LTD Stephen Carpenter 7 string, Fender '72 Reissue Tele Deluxe, Fender Tele Modern Player, Fender Stratotocaster, LTD EC-1000, Epiphone Les Paul Custom, Schecter PT Hellraiser Hyprid, Fender Jim Root Jazzmaster.

Acoustic Guitars: PRS Angelus SE and a Kay.

Combo Amps: Randall RC-235 STereo Chorus, Line 6 Spider III (strictly practice), Some sort of Vox.

Guitar Amp Heads: Orange Rockerverb MKIII 100w, Marshall DSL100, Bugera 333xl, B-52 ATX-100.

Guitar Cabs: Orange 2x12 w/ vintage 30's, and B-52 4x12.

Rack Effects ETC: TC Electronics G- System, Furman PL-Plus Power Conditioner, Korg PitchBlack PRO tuner.

Guitar Pedals: Ibanez Tube Screamer, Arion SCH-Z Stereo Chorus, ISP Decimater, Crybaby Mini-Wah, Digitech Whammy, Dunlop MXR M169 Analog Delay, TC Electronic Hall of Fame Reverb, Hatsune Miku pedal.

Amp Modeling: Line 6 POD HD500X.

Bass Guitar: Dean Edge, Fender Jazz fretless.

Bass Amp Head: Acoustic B300HD 300W.

Bass Cab: Acoustic BN210 600W 2x10.

Keyboards: Nectar 88 key midi, and a Casio.

I also have serveral Ocarinas I dabble with.