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This is a band idea that I've had for the last several years, so I decided to get the ball rolling on it to bring it to life. I'd like to collaborate with musicians who have at least moderate skills with their respective instrument and vocal abilities, and at least some knowledge of music theory is preferable, but not required.

I'm also interested in meeting people who are wanting to play in a band, and enjoy creating heavy music. I'd like to achieve at least some level of success with this venture, whether it be playing gigs at bars at least once or twice a month, or once a week. If we're able to play more often than that, that'll be cool, but if not, that would be cool too. I'd also like to have some fun with it as well, not be all serious constantly. I'm open to different ideas, and I'm also very flexible when it comes to coming up with riffs, rhythms, and leads.

The type of sound I'd like to go for is more around the gothic / black / atmospheric metal sound (which is what the "other" option is for), with the keyboard playing dark melodies, and the guitars either harmonizing, and / or switching melodic roles with the keys / piano, and / or chugging with the bass, or something along those ideas.

The type of vocals I'd like to have would be the low, rough vocals similar to those of Satyricon and / or Dimmu Borgir (or a similar style), with some clean vocals similar to Type O Negative and / or Seraphim Shock (or a similar style).

I have posted a few examples of what kind of sound I'd like to go for, both audio and video. I realize the music I wrote and recorded, and style of playing, may not sound like what you might be expecting of a prospective metal band, or possible band mate, but I'm trying to bring my own original style of playing and composition to the table for those who may be interested.

If you have gotten this far, I applaud your effort and congratulate your interest. The influences I'm going for are listed below, and they are just used as basic ideas. If you're interested, hit me up at 785-829-7124, and send me a text saying you are from Bandmix. I have a car, so I can make it to Wichita, Newton, or any of the surrounding areas around Hutch within a reasonable distance.

I also want to point out that the info below regarding gigs played, and practice schedule, I have left those as unspecified until I am able to meet the musicians who would be interested in this idea, and am able to work on those details. I have been in a few bands since '02, and I've been on stage, on and off, since I was 8, so I have some experience being in a band and being on stage. It may not be much, but it's experience, and something I'd like to have more of.

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Type O Negative
Cradle Of Filth
Dimmu Borgir
Seraphim Shock
Eric Calderone (331erock on YouTube)
Johann Sebastian Bach
Ludwig van Beethoven
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
And my own inspiration and motivation using chords, chord progressions, and scales (especially the harmonic minor scale)

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Shaggy - guitarist / keyboardist / bassist / instrumentalist / composer / producer / mixing engineer


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