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Before I say anything else I want to say this: I enjoy singing Hard Rock/Classic Metal the most. Indeed, these are my favorite genres of music and what type I have been singing for all these years. That said, even above all that I just enjoy singing!!! As such please do not hesitate to contact me if what you do is not hard rock/metal. I have sung (and still do sing) just about all other genres of music there are. So no matter what you perform/are looking for in a singer please just contact me! Thank you!

Also: Soon I will be uploading a vocal sample that is of a different genre other than the ones listed here.

My email: evonka333
My mobile: 570-249-4547

Let me introduce myself and tell you somethings about me:

My name is Yvonne Zukosky. I was born and raised in the Hazleton, PA area.
I went to my first concert at the age of 12. It was a Rainbow concert. I was right down in front. When Ronnie James Dio came out and began to sing I was transported to the Rock/Heavy Metal Heaven and I still live there to this day. I began to sing that day. I still continue to sing and I will not stop until I drop dead. All through the decades of the 80's and 90's I made many attempts to join a band as the lead singer. Every one of the bands' turned me down. Not nessessarly because I could not sing but mainly because (I believe) I am a woman. I am sure you are aware of the fact during those decades it was not cool to have a female lead singer in rock/metal bands. By the end of the 90's at some point I just said, "f**k it!' and I gave up trying to join a band. Since then and currently what I have done is to hire myself out as a singer for special events. When performing in this setting I sing anything the client requests me to sing. I sing at weddings and at any special event. I have even sung at a few funerals. It is odd I know but up until now I have never had a pro video done nor have I done a pro recording. That fact is about to change however, because I am in the process of doing this now. All I have done/am doing is just to go to auditions and sing live for the prospective clients. I guess if you like I could make a (not pro-recording but using something like a cell phone) to make a recording of me singing a sampling of songs (without the music as I have no band of course!) I would be happy to do that for you. I could get this to you as long as you keep in mind it is IN NO WAY going to be a good quality pro-recording. No matter how good or bad I may sound on it, just know I am MUCH better live.

I would also like to tell you a few things about my personal life that you might find helpful:

I live near Palmerton PA (18071.) My husband and I (we are child-free by choice, although there is certainly nothing wrong with having children. It just isn't for us) have lived here since 2007. I did work for 15 years in the medical profession however, a few years back I took an (very early) retirement to fully pursue my passion. That is my home art studio called Evonka Art. I do not have to depend on my art studio for money so I only work in it when I want to. Other than that all of my time is mine to use as I choose. I have a stable marriage. In fact, I have a good relationship with all of my friends and relatives. I sometimes refer to myself as 'The Anti-Drama Queen.' The reason I do that is because I have almost no (bad) drama in my life. I like it this way and so I keep it this way. Oh and this is probably the most important thing for you to know about me: I do not think I sing well. Why? Because I am only as good as YOU think I am. It is true I enjoy singing but as for my opinion of how well I sing I am neutral. Yes it is true the majority of people I have sung for seem to like the way I sing however, I am only ever as good as the other person's opinion at that moment. Those people over there might like my singing but you may think I suck. And that really is just fine. If you do not like my singing and/orfor X reason you decide you do not want to work with me it's all good! Speaking of working, please know this: I do not come with a bad or conceited attitude. I am very humble. The way I see it, first off I am thrilled you are choosing me! You are the boss, not me. I work for you. I sing what you want me to sing. If you would like me to sing 'Mary had a little lamb' than that's what I sing because really I am very grateful and honored to be singing for you and yours.

I am telling you all of this because I want to show that (and because I consider myself very committed) I actually do have the time (and the means) to be available to you anytime you want me to be. Thank you for your time!

Yvonne Zukosky

I wish to thank you a great deal for your time and patience in reading this ridiculosly long TMI bio. See, I am also a writer and I have NO IDEA how to not write too much, LOL!!!

Here is my contact information:

Yvonne Zukosky (Evonka is my 'stage name')
cell phone: 570-249-4547
email: evonkaicloud

When/if you contact me and we agree to meet in person, I can give you my location information. For now, I live in the Palmerton, PA area.

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My main influences are Rainbow, Rainbow/Dio, Dio, Blacksabbath/Dio, Queensryche, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and Journey.


Black Sabbath (both the Ozzy material and the Dio material)
Heaven and Hell
Dio/Rainbow (plus all of the other two singers' material as well)
All Ozzy material in general
Iron Maiden
Judas Priest
Amy Lee (Evervesance)
Pat Benitar
Lita Ford
Billy Squire
REO Speedwagion
Deep Purple
Joan Jett

Those are the rock/heavy metal bands whose music I like to sing. I know I am forgetting many bands right now. What I enjoy singing the most is Queensryche and Dio, Dio/Rainbow material. I especially enjoy singing Queensryche material. I also sing material from all other musical styles (except rap and anything violent.) I enjoy singing New Age material such as Enya and many other artist in this genre. I am not really a country singer however I am willing to sing it. I am not into Gospel although I have sung have/do sing this type when I am out performing. I do like the Blues and can sing any type of Blues music. I enjoyi singing the blues type 'lying-across-the-piano' and smoky, sultry stull, AKA-lounge singing. Gee what else...oh, oldies, theatrical, military style, really music from every era/genre.

I DO have a vocal sample however, I have been unable to upload it on BandMix. Please provide me with an email and I shall send it to you ASAP.

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few microphones, stand
small amplifier
1980's Fender Stratocaster