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Hello friends,

My name is Eva. I am a dedicated musician and songwriter from Seattle. Music has been my entire life since I was young. Like you, my goal has been to start a project that will supply fun, security, and a livable income. My roots are in alternative rock but I have classical and electronic variables that weave in and out making it quite an interesting and dynamic sound.

Music is what I have dedicated myself too. The time has come to truly make something out of it. I am searching for people who want to pass the usual threshold of playing a couple shows around town then fizzling out. I need people who are dedicated to the craft and willing to do what it takes to get to the next level. To create something much larger than the dream itself. It is indeed quite possible and I am quite sure of the way to do it. The first step is to not doubt it. To come with the undeniable view of a future that entails traveling across the world sharing our sound. To expect to find oneself in beautiful recording studios creating powerful albums. Can you dream this big? Are you willing to remember that future of yours in which your aspirations come true? If you have found this you are that much closer.

SO many people have the skills and the aesthetic to succeed. Yet they are held back by fear. They are stopped by themselves. It is a pain to see. But it makes it that much more tantalizing to prove that you have what it takes to have a career in such a competitive industry such as music.

Essentially I am to be a new powerful voice in music and I want you to join me. My mission goes beyond just becoming popular and touring. I eventually want to help balance to energies of the world. As much as possible. It is a mission of becoming, and a quest of helping. To help spread awareness through music. To put forth energy to ethical and environmental needs. To use the influence to change the world for the better are the inevitable goals. Now is the time to come with me on this adventure. Now is the time to see your full potential and help combat the evil that lurks on this planet.

You may roll your pragmatic eyes, I understand. And yes I need your pragmatism. I am a visionary caught up in idealism. My head in the clouds needs someone who can keep their feet on the ground. The whole spectrum is required. Dear musician friend, Dear reader.. We are our own hope. We are going to be the ones who can break the paradigm. It starts with intention and passion and does it spread like a wildfire. You will see it when it happens and it shall light your soul.

So what say you? This ship must leave soon and I would love to see you on it.

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Muse, Radiohead, Queen, The strokes, Chopin, Erik Satie, massive attack, Gorillaz, the moon, The mountains, Seattle, Sunsets, Space, Meteors, Spectrums, Small things that make up the day, The way people look at me, Rain on my windshield, Dreams, Fear, love.

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My main weapon is a nord stage 2
I have a five string bass
taylor guitar acoustic / electric
keyboard amp
guitar amp
godin electric guitar