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To begin to tell you about myself, is to begin an argument that is suppress in our deepest, most invisible, bias, naive, self absorbent, environmental, community of extinct, solitude, unquestionable, action based, boredom. If letting you in my denied, playful, calculations, created in a black hole that absorbs your curiosity, and begins to mutate and stir into a boiling pot of air, is your only means of entertainment, than so be it. I like to say many things that don't make sense. It sort of this experimental project that I conjured up when I was a sperm cell. My Hypothesis is, for every language twisted sentences I say; there is an equivalent action (think of the way your face looks when you are confused) (very disturbing right). Well for me, it’s an on going experiment, and I just would like to share it with the world, with or without permission. For who, you say? Does it matter? Why do you need to know? Why do you need a name? If I were to give you this undesired information, will you use it for good or evil, or to masturbate? I also like to make people listen very closely to what I say by saying something very serious than throwing back in your face, with a surprise. It’s my weird nature. I am serious like this in real life, but I won't do it to people I have not met. That's just wwrrrrrooonnngg ...g.g..g..g...g.g.g for fun. You could conclude that the things I say can be an outcry for attention, yeah if you’re a massage therapist. But who really is being entertained in this manner. Am I the TV Set, who creates a commotion, speaks, and acts, or are you the viewer entertaining me with your blank, confused, open mouth stare? I am not here to find an answer to these questions; I am simply trying to find the questions for the answers. (Can I copy your homework when you’re done?) There's so little to say, and so much time to say it. It’s an entity of a human product, and the suppliers are those that sponsored by facilities and man-made factories of diminishing, corpse colored, decentralized, unison of chaos and hungry flesh. The list can continue or it could never end. What is infinity? Is it our self limit to the thought of saying that there is infinity and we should not pursue since there is no end, or is it a subconscious thought of fear that there will be time wasted and that its too overwhelming. Have you thought of numbers? They are said to be infinite, yet have we really checked that out. Look at algebra. Who ever thought that there were negative numbers? That’s almost like saying there is visible air. Etc. -4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 etc. You remember that don't you. We know the balance of numbers is the valued number zero. It is neither a negative nor a positive. It is a number with no value, yet it’s a number. But what if there was a number, with the values of both positive and negative. It had no approximate value, but it could not be denied its existence. Just like air. I call this number negative zero.-0 This number is Infiniti in both respects to the negative and positive values. it would look like this. -0...etc. -4 -3 -2 -1 0 1 2 3 4 etc. ... -0 Its a full oval because its consistency and value cannot be determined, but neither can it be denied. This is just one of the many thoughts that come to my mind, minute after minute. I always try to change the meanings of everyday things. Think of the word "hard". First thought, is surface, then it's sex, then you slow down your immediate verbal shout outs in your mind, to less known meanings, like tough, rugged, unbreakable, and so on. That is how I am always thinking. I think there are multiple people living under my skin; I think I am sick; I don't have problems, just solutions. But this is only an intro to vast and empty cortex of soluble verbal reading, addiction that we humans are drawn to. Can it signify a brainwashing effect that we inherited from this society?) (The government's fault) (I am not talking about politics) IF YOU MADE IT THIS FAR, YOU DESERVE TO BE PART OF MY "ONE MAN SOCIETY" WE WILL CREATE OVER EVERYONES CHILDREN. IF YOU CAN ANSWER CORRECT TO WHAT THE WORD MEANS TO ME, YOU GET ___________________. (INSERT YOUR PERSONAL PRIZE HERE) Today, security is a top concern for virtually everyone. Security is no longer optional, it’s a must have. In addition to the number one goal of helping to protect employees, customers and assets, adequate security can positively affect customer and employee retention, provide a competitive advantage and improve the bottom line. But far too often people sacrifice security because of budget issues. Now there is a solution. Our services combine cutting edge technology with mobile patrols and alarm and incident response to design a customized solution that meets your needs. 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In this systematic set of principles and generalizations along with the tribute of universal awareness level we may all one-day gain the realization that we are indeed a delinquent of our own effort, ethical, bias theories that breast-feed the abuse of our own affiliated imaginations. We are all vulnerable thoughts; all trying to understand our problems, but what if it’s our problems that are trying to understand us? We ourselves are the maltreatment of human development and the world. We don’t waste time, time waste’s us. Why isn’t there a universal lost and found? Polar mesosphere summer echoes, signal the scattering noctilucent cloud, that indicate a partial reflection from a multitude of ion layers and constructive interference causing PMSE to concubine with the black hole, the theoretical region of space in which the gravitational field is so powerful that nothing, not even electromagnetic radiation can pass thru, not even itself. Silhouettes with no discernible mouths wake, hatched in a web of shapeless manifestation of helpless imagination, triggering them to stack, yelling at the drunks to stop moving the floor, entities known only as emotions, stay in the breath of the wind, a specific form occupies our vision which cloaks our hearts to this wind, wrapping us up in its grasp, much like the magnetism of nursing a wound with salt and hot lemon, we cant manage with words left unspoken, a ghost in your eyes, such material will be expressed in a personalized vocabulary of visual metaphors, harmonize by fundamentalist of the collective unconscious, close your pores, we can seep in, like the fatalities of those who play with my old imaginary friend who abandoned me long ago, seeing the imperfect perfectly, is the explanation we obtain through this spiraling eclipse required to crown yourself king of the deserted plains of pendulous wrinkles, countering consistent boundaries of tantrum controlled voices, all who are punishable by independent words defrosted with the magic of petrified sex, worn out by sky rashes with blurred insomnia, agitated inferior abilities will damage your gnosis.fingerdroolteam
se habla espanol just letting you all know im hispanic, Mexico
i like everything
into everything
listen to everything
hope to find people or just friends.
I play bass guitar, electric guitar, keyboard I just want to say this is not directed to the proffessional music industry, who tries to create that 2 minute hit, which contains no hard-work, no emotion, no drive, no nothing, its directed to musicians who all are misunderstood, who want to try new things, who dont want to follow any one, or become a ditto of another band. I dont want to sound like the other bands, I just want to make music and not be pushed around by labels to finish an album on their terms, but finish it until I see that it is finished. I dont care if it takes two years, im not saying im done, until im done.I dont want to fake my way up. I know many muscicians all agree with me, but they still get thrown around by labels because their big break has finally come, just cause you get offered a deal. You know what, their are many labels out there, let them fight over your music and talent, dont get sucked in because of just one deal, their will be others. If they think your great, your worth fighting for.
contact me at
fingerdroolteam for those who are on . check my songs out at artistopia
they tell you a lil of what i do by myself
Im willing to jam with heavy stuff or black metal stuff or something just something. really say something leave a note. you could just say hi. you could even tell me how much I SUCK> Just say something or leave your address and tell me you want to talk about music. I will be getting some equiptment soon so if you don't have an amp, kick back, I got you covered.

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May 18 2005
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50 to 100
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2-3 times per week
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1 night a week
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Music: Influences: Música es una abreviatura de la emoción.
These bands or artist don’t necessarily mean that’s what I sound like or only into. I am into everything and anything that sounds like there was real musical effort to make the song. I listen to madrigal,motet,dance,canzona,ricercar, european classical, classical,electronic, jazz, hot jazz, experimental, ambient, minimalist music,folk, banda,orchestral,folkloric music,post,soundtrack, opera,blues,gospel, country, rock, metal, death metal, black metal,heavy metal, rock and roll, hard rock, soft rock, ballads, rock ballads, waltz, acid,house,punk,rnb,rap, hip hop, tri hop,techno, alternative, world music, beat box, soul, bitbop, pop, celtic, norwegian,spanish, mexican, irish, swedish, german, brazilian, columbian, argentinian,african, concerto, corridor, contemporary, cumbia, salsa, grindcore, grindgore, danza, vocal, digital, doom metal, drone music, drum and bass, industrial, funk, disco, 80’s,glitch,grunge,bop,indie,jarocho, flamenco, llanto, lounge, math metal, mariachi, meditation, melodic, harmonic,muzak,new wave, old school, new weird, grass music, noteno, tex mex, oldies,50’s music,60’s music, peace metal, glam rock, polka, romantism, power, blue grass, progressive, psychrdelic, reggae,reggaeton, rodeo, samba, ska, surf, eurobeat, symphony, tango, technical, trance, urban, fusion, hybrid music, the list can go on and on. In no particular order... deftones, teamsleep, ozzy, black sabbath, dead can dance, marsvolta, dredg, glassjaw, bjork, eagles, pulse ultra, lamb of god, slayer, megadeth, tool, a perfect circle, sepultura, david bowie, cannibal corpes, emperor, chevelle, incubus, dream theatre, pink floyd, hombres g, system of a down, godsmack, the monkees, static x, a-ha,ministry, black eyed peas, taco, pantera, weezer, mana, fingereleven, coldplay, danzig, nin, reel big fish, frou frou,testament, type o negative, the smiths, queen, slipknot, the who, kill switch engage, chimaira, soulfly,men without hats, iron maiden, fear factory, prince, traffic, wham!, quiet riot, deep purple, at the drive in, iron butterfly, hellhammer, gorrilaz, venom, rush. rod stewart, steppenwolf, garbage, wolfmother, 311, alien ant farm, the ataris, frank zappa and the mothers of invention, juanes, boys don’t cry, enya, go-go’s, rupert holmes, billy idol, boyd rice, non, michael jackson, normajean, genesis, the muse, los babies, zz top, uriah heep, my life with the thrill kill kult, hidden in plain view, depeche mode, jaguares the ramones, carpathian forest, franz ferdinand, rammstein, the romantics, everon, ledzepellin, talking heads, night ranger, ian gomm,at the gates, osico, mychemicalromance, jimmy eat world, keane, local h, morrisey, ok go, rage against the machine, relient k, siouxsie and the banshees,darkthrone,sodom,marduk,blood tsunami, saragossa,radio future la fuga, marea,culture club,devo,electric light orchestra,journey, boy george,skinny puppy,la máquina del sonido,the stooges, prism, whitegold, cream ,the grateful dead, audioslave, red hot chili peppers, hole, hootie and the blowfish, los amigos invisibles,molotov,elastica, cake, billy corgan, def leppard,behold the arctopus,santogold, gwen stefani, mushroomhead, korn, blondie, dinosaur jr., alice cooper,massive attack, kiss, blue oyster cult,judas priest, ac/dc, dimmuborgir, tears for fears, the fixx, fastball, the beatles rotting christ, the chariot, marilin manson, taproot, mr.bugle, yanni, elvis, celtic frost, elvis costello,no doubt,rx bandits,laley, cafetuvba, thecure, deicide, icedearth, nirvana, foo fighters, snow patrol, anthrax, placebo, armor for sleep,smash,gloria gaynor, helstar,sublime,third eye blind, trivium,zapato3, heroes del silencio, bright eyes, sonic youth, la oreja de van gogh, the cranberries, deus, sound garden,mayhem,blue man group, heart, janis joplin, jimi hendrix, nurse with wound,r.e.m.,the killers,of montreal,unearth, bon jovi, the sexpistols, living color, twisted sister, the sound of animals fighting, yeah yeah yeah's, interpol, cold, adrian belew, aquabats, the smiths, the muse dave matthews, guns and roses, the distillers, silver chair, the locust, afi, the transplants, thom yorke, tv on the radio,queens of the stone age, fishbone, janes addiction, radiohead, tori amos, aerosmith, u2,los terriculas, X, blood hound gang, match box twenty, duran duran, the mighty mighty bosstones, they might be giants, babasonicos, tau cetiprimus, oasis, the offspring, pennywise, nortt,leviathan,whitesnake,johnny cash,the doors,smashing pumpkins, bellanova,, meatloaf, bad religion, los mismos,los bukis,berlin,the swans,mastodon, the police, the plastics, XTC, phish, metallica,katatonia,rhapsody, meat puppets, minor threat, the misfits, motorhead, genghistron,the beach boys,carlos santana,buddy holly,the bee gees, bloc party, stone temple pilots,the rolling stones, the cars,cheaptrick,the clash,dio, aterciopelados,el tri, sarcófago,abba,village people,sister sledge, more to come


midi keyboard
v roland bass petal
petal computer
reason 4
m-audio wavelab
fruity loops 5 and 6
live 4

you dont need names
if you do, you judge by what they can do, and not what you are capable of.



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