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48-year-old Lansing (Illinois) FRUSTRATED guitarist/songwriter (who dabbles in keyboards and mandolin---but who can't sing) is looking for other musicians/songwriters to join or form a band that mixes the jam-band improv groove to everything it plays---meaning that we don't shoot to play a given song the exact same way each time we play it, giving each performance a nuance not found in past or future performances , a "one-of-a-kind" performance, if you will. I'm also a stickler for having a keyboardist in the band; I cannot stomach the thought of a guitar-only band;

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I love Deadhead crowds, and hate Top-40 crowds, if that says anything at all; if not, here's some specifics.

"Influences", for me, really means people who (and albums that) make you want to play; not necessarily that you're identical to or as proficient as those whom you mention.

"Anti-Influences", a term I'm inventing now, means : (A) STYLES you ABSOLUTELY REFUSE to do (at least not like the original artists---I might be willing to do that song in a commercially-unacceptable style that pop-addicts/dance-music-addicts would dislike ); and (B) APPROACHES you refuse to take.


Styles :

Think : Classic Rock that BORROWS-FROM Blues and Jazz and Classical and Bluegrass and Southern-Rock...and a tad bit of 60s-70s Motown, but DOES NOT REMAIN TRUE to the original form---e.g., I was never a fan of John Lee Hooker, but I dig what Buddy Guy and Koko Taylor can do with his material; I was never a fan of Bruce Springstein (especially his 80s stuff---yuck) but I love what Manfred Mann did with his songs; and the like.


Jimmy Page, Ian Anderson, Roger Fisher (EARLY Heart),James Taylor, and Jim Croce .

The ELECTRICS of Jeff Beck,
Steve Kimmock, Jerry Garcia, Dicky Betts, Ritchie Blackmore, Carlos Santana, Walter Becker, Roger Fisher (EARLY Heart)

KEYBOARDISTS : Rick Wright, Jon Lord, John Paul Jones, ...

SINGERS : Burton Cummings, Ian Gillan....

LYRICS OF : Robert Plant, Robert Hunter, Lennon-McCartney

DRUMMERS : Bill Bruford, Ian Paice, Bonzo, Neil Peart, Ringo Starr...

Flute of Ian Anderson; EARLY Heart;

Sax of Dick Perry

Violin/Fiddle of Jean-Luc Ponty; and a trillion smokin' bluegrass fiddlers

Mandolin of Sam Bush;

ALBUMS : Zeppelin (II, III, IV, & Physical Graffiti), Beatles (Rubber Soul, Abbey Road) Pink Floyd (Wish You Were Here, Animals), Allman Brothers, Grateful Dead (Terrapin Station), Steely Dan (Aja), Kansas (Leftoverture)

I LOVE LIVE tapes ; I like Jam Band Improv approaches on Classic Rock, (Grateful Dead [always] and Led Zeppelin [most of the time] did marginally-to-completely different versions of their songs in each concert. How can anyone want to perform an exact replica of last night's performance?



No Nothin'-But..." bands---

...i.e. "Nothin'-but-the-Blues"; "Nothin'-But-Jazz"; "Nothin'-But-Honky-Tonk-Country-And-Western";

"Nothin'-but..." approaches are the most LIMITING "prison chains" a band can tie themselves up with. THE FREEDOM OF THE MULTI-GENRE approach is the only acceptable way to be.


NO Rap; NO Hip Hop; No Nashville-pop-style-honky-tonk country-and-western bands "Achy Breaky Heart" is an example of stupid lyrics; No Hair Metal; NO Punk; No Disco; No New Wave...in general, NO 80's (1978-1989) e.g. No Devo, No B-52s, No Tubes; No Knack; No Talking Heads (David Byrne just rubs me the wrong way); No Elvis Costello; No Madonna; No Prince; No Quiet Riot; No Judas Priest; No Culture Club;
No AC/DC....

I did not want to include Alternative Rock in there, because there's a lot of really decent alt music out there. I'll do 80s, 90s to current of those bands whose music borrows MORE FROM Classic Rock (Hootie & The Blowfish) than from the 80s-New-Wave/Punk-Rock movement (Lemonheads, The Cure---these bands have singers that really suck and guitar phrases that seem completely lame from a guitar-players viewpoint.

In 1978, good music "got off the train" and didn't get back on until the mid-90s. All I'm trying to do is avoid being as stupid as those bands were.

Some bands SOLD OUT to stay in the business ; REO Speedwagon went from "157 Riverside Avenue" and "Golden Country" and "Keep Pushin" to "Heard it From a Friend"...Huh? What's with that? Styx went from "Grand Illusion" to "Mister Roboto"...Sorry Dennis, but that was just plain wrong!

If you can hear the difference between these two sides of the same bands, and you agree that the pre-80s catalog was much, much, much, much better, than maybe we could get something going; if you DON"T hear the difference, or you like the 80s stuff more, than I can guarantee you that things won't work out between us.

I LOVE LIVE tapes ; I like Jam Band Improv approaches on Classic Rock, (Grateful Dead [always] and Led Zeppelin [most of the time] did marginally-to-completely different versions of their songs in each concert. How can anyone want to perform an exact replica of last night's performance?

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GUITARS : Fender Strat, Gibson SG Copy, Ovation acoustic, Yamaha classical, Mitchell 6-string folk, Mitchell 12-string folk, Carlos Robini Electric Mandolin, Violin w/pickup, Yamaha EX-7 Workstation, Alesis QSR rackmount synth, Yamaha FX-770 Guitar Processor, Roland Gr-30 Guitar Synth, Yamaha EMP-100 Vocal FX, Digitech Rack Vocal Processor, Mackie 12-channel Mixer, Tascam 488MKII 8-track cassette (used as 8-ch-sub-mixer), Roland KC-300 Keyboard Amp, Peavy Reno 400 Acoustic Guitar Amp, Bull Frog P.A. Towers, Heil Talk Box, Zoom MRD-1044 10-Track Hard-Disc Recorder, Boss DR-550 DrumMachine, Yamaha PSR-220 Keyboard (used as controller for QSR)


Contact me at : paulstrat97@att.net