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Primarily a rhythm guitarist(w/mediocre lead abilities and can hold my own on bass/drums), I've been in about a dozen bands over the course of the past 25 years. I have a pretty decent amount of live performance experience, playing to crowds ranging from dozens up to a few hundred or so, as well as some studio recording experience(an album and a couple of EPs with a few different bands). I've been a(kinda southern rock-ish sounding) lead guitarist in a death metal band, a guitarist/vocalist for a straight-up modern rock band, a lead vocalist/guitarist for a(Tool-ish sounding) prog metal band, played guitar(or drums) in a few 90s grunge/alternative cover bands, and even filled in for a couple gigs as a lead vocalist for a friend's 70s/80s(mostly metal, plus stuff like Bon Jovi) cover band. I'll try to throw samples up of some of that stuff(probably not the hair metal covers, though lol).

So, all throughout my teens/young adult years, I did that thing most of us probably did: hauled gear to bandmates' parents' houses or to rehearsal studios, set everything up, practiced for a few hours, broke everything down and hauled it back out. I always dreamed of having my own house w/a basement or dedicated practice space where I could have all of my gear set up and just be able to play whenever. Well, it took me years, but I finally have it. A whole basement set up with an entire band's worth of rehearsal equipment(incl. PA). Unfortunately, I just don't really know any other musicians in the area. We moved here to Warrington about 8 years ago(and my last active project kinda fizzled out around that point, partly due to the distance), and meanwhile, life just went on. So I'm just now finally getting back to starting from scratch and looking for some folks in the area to jam with.

I'll be real: I'm 41 now, with a career and a kid. So my days of gigging 3 nights a week with an ambitious local band are probably behind me at this point(although I certainly wouldn't rule out gigging if a project were to get that far). At this point, I'm basically just hoping to find a couple other people to jam with maybe once a week. No agenda, no ambitions of stardom, probably just noodling/covers/etc. for a while to see if there's decent chemistry(or whether or not you even like me lol).

And full disclaimer here: I've probably got some rust to kick off. Noodling on Rocksmith in my office a few times a week is not the same as 2x/wk rehearsals and actively gigging. I'll probably need a bit of time just to get re-accustomed to playing with other live musicians again. If there gets to be a few of us jamming regularly, and we decide things are clicking and we want to work on originals and maybe even start trying to play out w/them, awesome. But, again, I have no set agenda right now beyond just seeing who's out there in the area and trying to meet up with a few of them to see what kind of music we can make together and letting things happen organically from there.

TL;DR: I'm a 41-year old guitarist/bassist/drummer in Warrington, looking for folks to jam out with and zero expectations beyond just seeing how it goes. I have a ~2000 sq.ft., clean(albeit unfinished) basement rehearsal space full of equipment, and so you're free to bring just your instrument or your whole rig.

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You name it. A couple of specific guys(Gilmour, Cobain) probably hold the largest influence on my guitar playing, but my overall musical influences really are all over the spectrum. To me, "good music" is a mostly-involuntary brain response. If you find yourself unconsciously tapping/humming along to something or thinking about it later on, then it clearly made an impression. I find there's good stuff and garbage in just about every genre - and sometimes even good aspects/ideas in some of the garbage - so I've always looked to be influenced by(hopefully the better aspects of) whatever's out there and whatever comes along.

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(I'm prob leaving some stuff out here.)

Schecter C1-FR
Fender Am. Std. Strat
Ovation 1861 Std. Balladeer
Digitech RP500, a few other misc. pedals

Marshall VS265 Combo Amp

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Marshall 9000 Series SS Preamp
Alesis 3630 Compressor
Furman Power Conditioner

Marshall 1960 Lead Cab(4x12)
Fender GE-412 Cab(4x12)

Pearl Maxwin 5pc. w/:
Tama Iron Cobra hat pole & dbl. bass pedal
Zildjian 14" QuickBeat hats
Zildjian 18" crash
Powerbeat 20" ride
(it's a pretty old & fairly basic kit; drummers will prob want to bring own kit or at least a snare & some h/w)

SWR Workingman's 2004
Ampeg SVT-410 bass cab(4x10) <-- this guy is pretty old & whooped on
GK 210BLX(2x10) bass cab

Peavey XR600F
2x Peavey Cab speakers(112DLs, I think?)
1x Peavey 112M Floor Monitor
Assorted mics, cables, stands.