We care! Its time to represent your audio professionally by working together to achieve a unique sound that defines your art. Together, we help national touring and high performing artists produce high quality demos, albums and hit singles.

A carefully crafted and engineered audio environment, specializing in recording bands, rappers, musicians and soloists. We utilize a pro-tools certified and grammy mentored audio engineer who earned his bachelor of science in recording arts. This is coupled with new technology and state of the art audio equipment, to capture the energy and essence of the performance.

Stop by our facility for a tour to see and hear the difference we make in central North America. We are here to help you succeed!

Specials include financing, free hotel and custom proposals.

Brief list of equipment used:
Slate Raven MTX Mk2 Console, Neumann U87 & KM184 sonically matched stereo pair, Manley Voxbox, Empirical Labs Distressor, Pro Tools; Royer 121, AKG C414 XLS & XLII Stereo matched pair, Lynx Aurora; Audix, Radial, Shure, Electrovoice, Avalon Preamps; Universal Audio Preamps, Millennia Preamps, Mogami Gold Cables; Sonar X3 Producer, Vocalign Pro, Auto-Tune; Izotope, Roland, Waves Mercury Plugins; Melodyne, Native Instruments Ultimate, Slate Plugins and more...

In addition we have an extensive list of digital plugins: Over 600 digital plugins and 17,000 virtual instruments.

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Forte Studios
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Apr 19 2015
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We offer competitive commercial and non-commercial rates! Tour our facility and contact us for a project proposal.



Past Events

Tickets & Information: www.universe.com/battleofthebands

Join us for a fun and exciting outdoor concert festival featuring regional midwest music, a food and drink vendor and a street beer garden serving local craft beer from Boone Valley Brewery! Midwest bands battle to win a free album recording ($5,000 value) & additional prizes in an annual outdoor festival style concert downtown Boone, Iowa

You be the judge! Audience participants will vote for their favorite band during the afternoon battle rounds reducing the competition to six bands for the evening concerts. In total twelve bands will compete and perform on an outdoor live stage downtown.

Be a part of our support for the ISU GENRE music club out of Ames, IA. We are conducting a live recording of five of the member bands at our facility. Open to the first 50 people and will be an outdoor event. $5 ticket.