Garage Rock band forming


Vocalist, Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Keyboard.


I want to start a real unapologetic Garage Rock band.
The term Garage Rock has been used to describe a lot these days. Poor musicianship, amateurism, any Punk band that's not Hardcore, any band that plays 60's music, any Guitar/ Drum Blues or Rock duo and any band that play Surf Rock, Glam Rock, Power Pop or Psychedelic music.

So what is a real Garage Rock band?
How about:
A band that has a Garage concept like Muck and The Mires, The Woggles, or The Chesterfield Kings?
A band that writes songs that all sound like they were written in 1966 like the Lyres?
A band that incorporates stuff like Fuzz guitar, jangle guitar, Tamborine, Farfisa or Vox organ in it's sound?
A band that believes they can create a masterpiece that plays only two minutes and thirty seconds?

Any other believers out there or do you all think I'm taking something that is really insignificant and making it high concept?

Looking for people to make it happen. I play guitar, do background vocals and can write songs that fit within the genre. I have everything (equipment and space and desire) needed to get this done. A Drummer, a Bass player, a Rhythm Guitarist or maybe a Farfisa/ Vox style organ player, someone or everyone to sing lead. Someone or everyone to write songs.

I'm just putting the idea out there. I am older and involved in other bands and finding others in the same realm would probably be better.

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Garage Rock band forming
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Lyres, The Sonics , Rolling Stones, Chesterfield Kings, Them just about every Rock song released in 1966