Vocalist, Bass Guitar, Drums, Other Percussion, Keyboard, Piano, Vocalist - Alto, Electronic Music.


- My tastes range from blues, jazz, fusion, funk, ambient, rock, acoustic fingerstyle, experimental, improvisation and electronica.
I'm self taught, play by ear and I tend to practice daily as a ritual. My current focus are more jazz oriented progressions, instrumental acoustic and electronic.

- I was a member in the electronica band WindupSpaceship for two years. We recorded our impov sessions and now periodically help each other with personal projects.

- I am available for studio work and soundtracks. If you have a band that plays originals with some interesting covers, I can add allot to the sound that you may not have thought of before with guitar synth. I am open to forming a band that is focussed on ambient, electronic and improv blues jazz fusion influences.

- My usual rig setup consists of a Godin guitar with 3 outputs. I use a Roland guitar synthesizer with a volume pedal that I use with my left foot. I control the synth patches while playing. My right foot controls another volume/wha pedal connected to a 4 channel guitar amplifier where each channel is set up with different effects. I am able to mix electric and acoustic guitar sounds directly on the guitar. I can blend synth and guitar sounds and effects, or, focus on one or the other. I connect the equipment to 2 separate channels on a mixing board and create a stereo sound.

- I suggest going straight to my Sound Cloud page to listen to my added tracks, portal_3 on Sound Cloud
This way you can see the musicians and instrumentations involved. The added tracks below are more guitar influenced to give example of my playing.

I can be contacted directly by email at:
alchemy220 (at) g mail (dot) com

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Mar 01 2017
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Jazz, blues, funk, fusion, prog, electronica, RandB, jazz rock, experimental, ambient, soundtrack and classical composers. I would have to say that Pat Metheny, Jeff Beck, Tangerine Dream, David Gilmore, and Steve Roach have been my strongest influences consistently.

Instrument experience:

Rhythm Guitar:
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- Guitars:
2013 Godin LGXT,
1983 Hamer Phantom A-5,
1959 Kay Pacer 6550 hollowbody,
2013 Broadway hollowbody.
1991 Sheridan with PU upgrades.
1996 Takamine NP17c w/ctp-3 cool tube preamp.
1966 EKO Ranger 12 string with LR Baggs PU.
2017 Yamaha NTX1200R nylon crossover.
- Amps:
L-6 Spider Valve MKll - 112, 40w tube.
Acoustic Fishman Artist 120w.
L-6 Spider 112, 75w.
115 Extension speaker cabinet.
- Other
Roland guitar synth.
L-6 Floor Pod EFX, Wah and Volume pedal.
L-6 FBV Express, Wah and Volume pedal.
Digitech RPX400 multi EFX pedal.
Ebow (electronic bow). (for more music samples.)

* Recordings are live improvisational recordings with minimal post production.