I have been playing bass for 12 years. I'm looking to do any recording project, meaning if you need any bass for a recording or if you want to do a collaboration with each other. I have full recording capabilities at my home. Which I can email you bass tracks. There is some samples of my playing and recording quality in the music section. Best way to contact me is GiveYouBassYaho0 -Easy to figure out.

Hello! I'm looking for a recording projects or anyone who needs bass tracks. I'm located in the heart of Los Angeles. If you need bass tracks you can email me a song and Ill be happy to do a bass track for you, No cost (Yes Free)Would like to have credit. You ask why am I doing this? I'm young, financially secured and really don't care about money. I just wanna play for the sake of Music.


Q: What does "Recording Project" mean?
A: It means when musicians collaborate together to make songs without a band situation. However most project groups have a name.

Q: What do I need to give you in order to have you record bass on my song?
A: Email me a Mp3 Format along with chord chart(s) or even tabs.

Q:Why Mp3's? The sound quality is so bad compared to .Wav or .AIF.
A: Emailing them is easier, due to the smaller file size.I do believe you can use sites such as DropBox And Rapid Share to send huge files.

Q: Can I tell you want I want you to do or What bass line to play?
A:That's the down side. I play my bass line how I see fit, If you don't like it. Don't use it. Also it's free.

Q:How Long you been playing?
A:12 years

Q:Why do you have a FAQ?
A: To avoid stupid questions.

Q:What recording equipment do you use?
A:Don't worry about it, If you like the samples of the bass quality then that's good enough.

Q:What kind of music would you want to play?
A:Any kind except for super technical music that requires more thinking and planning rather than just playing. i.e. MathCore DeathCore.

Q:Hey I like your bass line, can I send you money for beer?
A:</b>Sure why not! That can be arranged.

Q:Congratulations! We are going to use your bass lines for our album! What's the procedure?
A:Don't worry about any Co-Writing or Co-Producer credits. Just a simple "Bass by _______" kind of thing.
Q:I like your bass lines but I don't want you name on our album or give you any credit.
A:fu*k you, Pay me.

Q:Can you tab out your bass line for our bass player to play live?
A:If I have time, And if its not ridiculously complicated of a bass-line.

Q:Why are you such a dick?
A:I'm really not that bad. Just to the point to avoid wasting anyone's time.

If Interested in a collaboration or a side project. Email me right away!

Anyone who just wants free bass lines Email me right away!

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