What is the coin all about?

Goldrium is an independent cryptocurrency which does not depend on any existing cryptocurrency. It is designed to process payments and is the only PCI compliant cryptocurrency. Addition to that this currency is capable of offering tokens to be created as a new ICO.

Goldrium is the fastest cryptocurrency in the world with transaction time up to 500 ms and 100,000 transaction processing capacity simultaneously. The goal is to meet PCI standards and surpassing transaction speed compared to conventional credit card processing.

This coin was conceptualized because there are so many currencies in the market. We believe that a coin should have capability and capacity to cater many communities so that if one has invested in a currency can benefit on many levels and pay for products or services at as many merchant locations as possible.

What we want to accomplish
A true cryptocurrency which is popular as a dollar and its value in market as gold. The goal is to have this currency accepted all over the world by partnering with credit card processors, payment gateways, merchant, etc. Addition to that have consumers adapt to this currency by creating market demand and nurture an ecosystem that can facilitate this goal by keeping transaction amount lowest in the market by returning maximum gains.

Why do we need this coin?
There are many cryptocurrencies out there which focus on a specific community. There isn’t a cryptocurrency that can facilitate many communities. Almost all coins are very slow and do not meet payment industry standards. Goldrium meets PCI standards and ensures all servers on the network are PCI compliant. We are partnering with financial entities who prefer compliance.

Timeline & Roadmap

Lunch Coin

March 30, 2018
Market coin get the word out

1st April, 2018
Add coin to exchanges, Market coin

8th April, 2018
Add coin to Cryptomarketcap, market coin

1st May, 2018
IOS and Android Payment app, market coin\apps

1st July, 2018
Efforts to partner with payment processors, payment gateways, and merchants, market coin and news

31st July, 2018
Add more communities by enhancing the code, market
Ongoing effort

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