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Gorilla Music Books shows in over 100 venues in over 65 cities across the United States!!!
Cities include but are not limited to: Hartford CT, Tampa FL, Cleveland OH, Columbus OH, Charlotte NC, Raleigh NC, Washington DC, Seattle WA, Chicago IL, Houston TX, Dallas TX, Baltimore MD, Kansas City MO, Pittsburgh PA, Albuquerque NM, Greenville SC, San Fransisco CA, Garwood NJ, Rocklin CA, Little Rock AR, Albany NY, Lee Summit MO, Denver CO, Birmingham AL, Atlanta GA, Springfield VA, New Orleans LA, Memphis TN, AND MORE!

Battle of the Bands, Artist Management & Local Band Booking


Battle of the Bands has become incredibly popular, attracting huge crowds and a lot of interest in local bands. Gorilla Music works with prestigious clubs in over 65 cities nationwide, and opens their doors for groups hoping to make an impact within their music scene. Through a Gorilla battle of the bands, groups are able to gain more experience, play in great venues for great crowds, and learn more about the music business. Groups recognize that a gorilla music battle of the bands can help them build a fan base, improve their bio, and gain the respect of their fans, other bands, promoters, and clubs. Winning a battle of the bands is the fastest way to take your group to the next level. Seeing a huge crowd and hearing a crowd of people screaming your group's name will make an impressive impact on everyone that's there to see your band.

After a battle of the bands, groups are chosen for other great show opportunities. Our music fests attract thousands of people including fans, record label reps, and talent scouts. Our weekend showcases help groups define their status in their market and increase their value to clubs and fans alike. In addition to all our shows we have an amazing Artist Management Program and learning center, with literature and educational videos available online.

Battle of the Bands


No sign up fees!! Contact us today!!

Music Festivals

Our festivals range from 60 to 300 live acts, and attract thousands of people. This is your chance to be a part of something big! A festival is the best way to get your band noticed.

Artist Management


We help groups to write songs that can get the worldâ??s attention, while we teach and guide them on how to become one of the biggest groups in their market, which helps them to get to the next level.

Rock X Records


Rock X Records is our new record label venture. Rock X Records hand selects talent discovered through Gorilla Music Battles.

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