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Sheesh! The "auto profile" this site generates makes me sound like I'm GOOD at all those instruments! I'm not. Some I dabble in and can play the songs that kicked me over the edge to go GET that instrument to play that sound. That's just how I am. I spend most of my time on some sort of guitar, but in bands have primarily played keyboards and added in an extra sound or two from my arsenal, as well as background harmonies.

Now that I've looked at other profiles, maybe people don't pay attention to the instruments played, or they check them all - I'm having difficulty believing there are so many bagpipe players here! LOL!

How DO you only pick 3 genere's of music in the profile?

My background starts with vocals and good tight harmonies. If you don't have other "resources" you gravitate towards solo work, so I tend to do more solo acoustic work when alone (duh).

I've played in a couple bands fairly recently and although I had a lot of fun doing it, I have to admit I can only get SO excited playing "Takin' Care of Business" so many times. That scene is a lot of fun, but eventually I'm going to want to work some acoustic into the mix. If there are some additional vocals, even better!.

I'm a mellow guy, and am the type that if I hear a sound I like in a song, I have to play it, which is why I've got so damn many differnt instruments. I've got a good ear for adding complimentary sounds or textures to arrangements or vocals.

That being said, I'll say I tend towards acoustic oriented, solo artists, or harmony filled bands that play what I'll call a little more quality music. Since I typed a long intro last time and didn't realize the NEXT section was for "influences", I'll just say that my influences should give you an idea of what kind of sounds, particularly band wise, that hold my attention. Not mentioned there I recall picking out George Winston's stuff when I was in college, as well as enjoying jamming along with Manheim Steamroller, so I could get into some jazz or new age type stuff - I got a wicked sounding hammond on my keyboard.

Lastly to save any time, I am NOT an American Idol wanna be. I don't think every song sounds best at volume level 11. If you want to have an idea of what I'm talking about, check out Cosby and Nash doing Guenivere on be from the acoustic concert. ://./watch?v=ZsDyCiFHrpA . That's got to be the most together two musicians can be on a piece.

I'm only a standard member here right now - checking the site out. So I can't contact you, you've got to contact me first (I think) or try my email at climberbob1 After my first search I'm seeing a couple women in my area that sound like they like the acoustics and harmonies too, so I upgrade soon.

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James Taylor was my foundation. If there's anyone out there that wants to do any of his material, I can nail it. STARTING with his fingerstyle I have found has really helped me through the years. Adapting to some classical guitar, or Lindsey Buckingham came pretty easy. Jackson Browne, Cat Stevens, Eagles, Poco, Firefall, Oh Jeez - CSN!, David Wilcox, Heart, Little Big Town.

Probably my biggest influence of it all was a group of guys I sang with in and outside of high school choir, and later with one of the guys and his wife. 1 Acoustic (John) and 5 guys doing everything from Beach Boys to Barbershop to Eagles and Ronstadt really taught me to LISTEN as you blend, and just how good and tight sound you can get if you just work on it. At the same time, knowing how to use and mix the simple and quiet with the powerful to expand the range of sounds to bring out the emotion. Yeah, that's the influence - I like to FEEL my music. I don't just like going through the motions.

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Guitars - acoustics, eletcrics, lap steels, basses, banjo, keyboards, amps/PA & effects, mics, dulcimer, cajon, fiddles, Indian flute, harmonicas . .