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Bass Player seeking new established loud rude ass kicking band to join!!!<br>
I'm not into chick fronted bands, folk bands, Thrash bands, hardcore bands etc....<br>

I'm very serious and dedicated. I'm looking for a band that has the drive, dedication, talent and hunger to make it! I believe that your band mates are brothers and want to join a band that shares this belief. I'm looking for a band that just kicks your face in and takes your name later. I'm very active on stage so if you're looking for one of those bass players that stands in the back boppin his head like a statue I'm not the guy for you. I'm looking for a band that decides on EVERYTHING as a team and where things are NOT decided by just one or two members. The band I'm currently in lacks the hunger and dedication to make it. They keep saying "we need to get signed" but when it boils down to it they don't put in the time or the effort to make that happen. I have too much drive and want to bust my ass to insure the band I'm in has a shot. I have pro gear, play both 4 and 5 string, use both fingers and picks, have transportation etc..<br>

I also have EXCELLENT booking contacts throughout the city. Right now I handle all the booking and web site design for my current band. I have connections at CBGB's, CBGB's Lounge, Continental etc...<br>

<a target="_blank" href="://./ellenroad">My old Band's Profile I played on all 4 tracks listed there</a><br>

Influences include:<br>

Hoobastank, Linkin Park, Audioslave, Velvet Revolver, Papa Roach, Story of the year, Led Zep, Pink Floyd, Sabbath, My Chem Romance, Incubus, STP, Alice in Chains, Green Day, Perl Jam, GNR, Tool, AC/DC, Blink 182, RATM, a Perfect Circle,Staind and the list goes on.<br>

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Take a look at my profile (<a target="_blank" href="://./graffixnyc">My Profile</a>) and if you like what you see/hear I can send you more samples and we can chat. Please send me links to your stuff as well!<br>

<a target="_blank" href="://./graffixnyc">My Profile</a><BR>

<a target="_blank" href="://./ellenroad">My old Band's Profile I played on all 4 tracks listed there</a>

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