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I'm best at lead guitar, but I have toured as a bass player, and I have been a front man. I know my way around the studio, I'm a professionally trained studio engineer, I write, and I produce music.

I'm a live performer; I started performing live at the age of 13 and I've played hundreds of shows.

Since moving to GA in 2013 my primary live performance outlet has been church worship; I've really enjoyed it. I would like to do more of this as a hired gun. I'm also looking to do some local and regional club gigging as well.

Musical relationships are important to get right, and I'm looking for a solid musical match and a network of musicians to connect with.

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All manner of well crafted rock, contemporary Christian, pop, americana, country, alternative, southern rock, blues, even some jazz. I like a good hook. As a guitar player I prefer playing tasteful and smart, but I can shred if I need to. I enjoy the challenge of playing cover tunes and learning parts "right", but I'm also a player who can take ownership of a song and get creative when necessary.

A partial list: Led Zep, the Beattles, Foo Fighters, U2, Wilco, The Verve, AC/DC, Jay-Z and lots of contemporary worship stuff like Hillsong, Elevation Worship, etc... my iTunes library is stocked with everything from rock to americana to rap to pop metal to country.

About the 3 original tracks below:

1) "American Dirt" is the theme song for the PBS History serries "America from the Ground Up". The show was recently approved for season two and I'll be writing some additional music for the next season.

2) This one is a snipet from my song "Armegedon Waltz". It's still in pre-production and pretty raw, kind of a melancholy rocker.

3) "Independence Day" is a completed demo of a song I hope to eventually take into the studio for a makeover.

These three tracks partially showcase my ability, but I have played in many other different styles as well, and I love it all.

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I love the sound of a Vox AC30, and it's my primary amp. If I had the dough, there are about 3 boutique amp makers out there I would love to give my money to. Guitars: telecaster, SG, Firebird - I love classic builds with tone personality. Overdrive boxes... if I could, I would own them all.