The Cedar Rapids "top 40" sucks


You can't possibly say that the ONLY way to get bookings and have fun is to play EXACTLY what too many local bands play. PREPOSTEROUS, my good friend!

Mustang Sally is not a requirement. No, seriously. Oh, I know...your band does it in such a unique manner! You HAVE to play it, or your throngs of fans will abandon you for one of the 158 other area bands who also play this song, right? No.

This also applies to that Georgia Satellites song and Old Time Rock n Roll and Sweet home Alabama. Do you dress exactly the same as all your friends?

It takes all kinds, and I am hoping there are some musicians out there who can see that in a metro population over 200,000 there are actually people who appreciate it when a band offers something that is actually unique to this area. More of a novelty.

Queen, Styx, Kansas, Journey, Little River Band, Steely Dan(how do you classify them???), Foreigner....a bunch of 80s stuff that most bands won't touch despite the songs being instantly recognizable and VERY popular....people, there is more out there than what is being offered. Every used car isn't a white Taurus with 32,000 miles, and every band doesn't have to be too chicken to break the mold and play some stuff that not EVERYONE does.

So if you want to do something more unique and STILL get a decent crowd and bookings, it CAN be done. You don't have to sell out and still be playing the same bars for the same pay. Here's to exploring new adventures musically!

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