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Guitarist with home studio looking for musicians to record with and gig occasionally. I released another CD early this year, on my own, out of my studio. Hard rock / metal. I hired a vocalist out of L.A and even a string quartet in the UK for a tune. I'm proud of it but it would have been better if you were involved.

I'm very modest and always think the other guy is better than me. Music is not a competition but I'm far from vain. There is so much to learn in music and I'm always pushing myself. I took a break for a handful of years to pursue photography and video production, my other loves. I'm dabbling in music more now and would like to grow it with some cool people. With the limited time I have I want it to be fun and drama free. I know I'm asking for a lot. I very laid back and have a twisted sense of humor...dry.

I used to play out a lot, worked with a lot of bands on and off the stage. I don't have much time to "get together once or twice a week" anymore, to be honest. I would like to get together casually, when it's best for everyone and not make it a priority of once or twice a week. I know this turns a lot of you off, but I'm involved in running my studio and other life events. Life comes first, and most musicians have families and days jobs, that's all I'm saying. I would like to keep it as a passionate hobby while building a fanbase and see where it goes. I'm not working towards getting signed and hitting the road. That is not really a goal of mine at this time. I tried that route for years and what I would like to focus on more now is writing great music, getting it out there, and online, getting it heard and distributed, shoot a music video or two, have fun. Don't get me wrong, I love playing out. I really enjoy writing, recording and producing. I am not against covers, as long as they aren't the same lame ones everyone else is doing. I'm also a photographer / cinematographer / director, which is where the video thing comes in. If you're looking to collaborate with a cool group and avoid drama and just create, drop me a line. I'm a very laid back easy going person and don't have time for drama...been there, done that. I'm devoted and love the arts! guitarkid5 at

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Old school van Halen, Metallica, Vai, Yngwie, classical, Zakk Wylde, prog metal, anything that moves me, Bach, Mozart, Evanescence, Bullet for my Valentine, Train, Any great vocalist with great tone and color and power in their voice! I'm open to a lot of music forms including techno but love metal and prog metal the most. It has to move me.


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