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I want to find other musician to jam with, share knowledge with and possibly form a band with.

I am trying to get this project together...

I would like to find other people that would like to play music from the 70s til now as a starting point. I also want to include the songs the people recognize and like, but few if any bands actually play live. Granted this will be based around the singing abilities of the people interest. I was also thinking of a heavy dose of 80s and 90s, but not limited to just that.

While I am thinking of mainly a rock based band, we would be throwing in some songs from across the musical spectrum. Maybe it is a song that isn't something a band like us would do, but we take it and make it our own in some way.... even if just for a fun humorous effect, but executed well....something like the RUN DMC - Aerosmith version of 'Walk This Way'.... or even more out of style.

Or maybe it is tune like Donnie Iris 'Ah Leah'.... or maybe we take a tine like 'Tainted Love' by Soft Cell and do a more rock version of it.

Let play some of The Cult's stuff.... or the Billy Squier (Anyone rocking out with 'The Stroke'?) songs that people know, like and enjoy, but hardly anyone plays. How about some Blondie and Pat Benatar.... there is so much more....

The goal is to have fun, have fun with the audience, and perform well... if we do something funny to get the audience laughing a bit, then that should be ok as well...because that is what was intended.

Not against coming up with original songs, if we happen get inspired and come up with new stuff, but that wouldn't be the main focus of the group. I would like to find some other like minded people to get together, play so music we all like or grew up on, and keep it alive.... as well as, have some fun and maybe make some extra money.

There are way too many bands/songs I have in mind as a musical palette to draw from.

I was originally thinking of a 4 or 5 piece band......with at least 1 female singer....drums, bass. 2nd guitar....and me on guitar handling most of the guitar duties.

I am 52 and am at least an intermediate level guitar player....been attempting to play since I was 17.. ????... I have a decent feel for rhythm and have been in a band before....I am not really a lead singer.... I might be able to pull off something like 'One Bourbon, One Scotch, One Beer' will some practice....(still trying to get the singing and playing at the same time thing)...

Hit me up if you might be interesting in something like this....or you have a similar project of your own that you want to tell me about.... guitar_samuri2003 at ya hoo dot com.

You can contact me here or guitarsamuri on FB.



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I wish it gave more choices for musical genres.... I like so many....

So many influences... as for guitar players.... Satriani, EVH, SRV.... grew up on MTV so anything that was played on there.... Stanley Jordan, Jimmy Page,.....

I like some outside the norm stuff as well too...

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Have a couple of different guitars.... Ibanez, Washburn, Steinberger....

Headrush Pedalboard and powered cab....

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