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I play what comes out. It will most likely not fit with 90% of the people, not because I dislike them, but because I love to play out, and play in. I write in "Nate-atonic" scales and have a complete disregard for where accents should be. I enjoy writing riffs that are unlike anything I've ever played before. I think music can be mathematical and calculated, but without a balance from groove and ambiance, it becomes boring. By groove, I don't mean pentatonic soloing.
By mathematical, I don't mean adding a few and a half beats so you can play in odd times. Those are ways to achieve these things without really caring. Care is the most important aspect of music. my opinion.
...for now.

Also, I have a limited profile, and don't check this often, so if you'd like to contact me, please send me an email at to my address of almustafasguitar

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I like most music, but love some too. In terms of bands, my current favorites are Tool, Meshuggah, Dave Matthews Band, The Mars Volta, and Mogwai. In terms of guitarists, Shawn Lane is the man. Others have interesting things to play, but none speak to me quite like Hellborg-era Shawn Lane.
I love to listen to other musicians playing other instruments as well, and especially admire the dedication in classical violinists and pianists. Ravi Shankar, Danny Carey, Victor Wooten, Les Claypool, Jim James, Glenn Gould, Frank Zappa, Umphrey's McGee, they all display things that I find essential to music.


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