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HANNYA FAMILY PROJECT is not an average band, but a collaborative recording and composition project!

I'm Prince Rosalium, vocalist, lyricist, and founder of HANNYA FAMILY.
I have an Associate's Degree in Jazz/Commercial Music with a concentration in Vocal Performance, and about 8 years of professional performance experience. I'm highly influenced by classical music, Japanese rock and traditional music, disco, and obviously jazz.

HANNYA FAMILY is a group focused on recording and composing, not live performances. My goal is to build the family with many musicians to create a unique sound that's all our own.
To participate, you will need:
A Discord account
A decent way to record your instrumentation (if you're using one that's not digital)
Basic knowledge of music composition

The Family will meet on our Discord server where we can all communicate with each other whenever we need to. Every other week, voice call meetings will be held that the whole family must attend!
As vocalist and lyricist, I'm going to be writing lyrics and vocal melodies. The rest of the family composes and records instrumentation. The songwriting process starts with my job. I then send a rough recording of the vocals to the rest of the family, where we all decide what instrumentation would be best depending on how it makes us feel and who we have available for instruments. Members can then volunteer to be on the set list for it. For example, if we cast a song that calls for drums, bass, guitar, synth, and piano, whoever in the family plays and can record any of those instruments can volunteer to write and record the part for their assigned instrument(s). Each song gets a deadline for when all the parts need to be finished.

It's my goal to eventually accumulate enough members of the family that we have multiple players and composers of the same instruments. This will make it so we can keep producing music with a unique style while not overwhelming the same family members with work. Ex. If we have multiple guitar players, we can split them up between songs, giving each of them less work to do.
It's a great way to get your name out there in a group, but also continue your busy lifestyle!

Any instrumentalists are welcome to join HANNYA FAMILY, as long as you have a way to record!! This is a great way to practice composing for those who want to improve!! Don't hesitate to shoot me a message, even if you don't think you'll be useful, we'll make you useful.
Plus, you get a sweet Hannya mask out of the deal.

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