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I’m an aspiring vocalist who has never really been involved with a group or band before but I’m looking for more experiences with gigs and other performances. Music has been a part of my life from a very young age. I started learning to play guitar when I was in my early teenage years, but I really haven’t advanced my skills past the beginning stages. I played trombone for my middle school jazz band for two years, but I haven’t really picked it up since then. I understand the concept of reading music for both treble and bass clef but my skills are a little rusty. I have a good sounding voice but I’m still discovering exactly what I’m capable of singing. Currently I am striving to become better at singing harsh vocals more than anything as it is one of the main factors that makes metalcore and deathcore music what it is, which is arguably the only music genres that I listen to on a regular basis. When I was younger I loosely dabbled with hip hop and rap and there was a time where I could almost fluently rap at the same speed as Busta Rhymes. As I got older I gravitated towards heavier sounding music and have since stopped practicing rap although I am not opposed to picking it back up again in the event that it can be effectively incorporated into the heavy metal sound that I enjoy so much. I guess you could say similar to how most Linkin Park songs were composed but much heavier. And at the same rate more modern sounding than Aerosmith and Run DMC. With a little more practice, I feel that I could meet the qualities of a vocalist that many bands/groups are looking for in a member. Regular practice sessions with other musicians is what I feel will best help me advance my skill set. Most people are often surprised when they hear me rap or sing because I have a common speech impediment called stuttering, yet I can fluently recite the words to any song with minimal practice, although free styling is not my strong suit. I also have an extremely keen sense of hearing when it comes to matching pitch and tone, despite the fact that I have a moderate loss of hearing. It’s honestly the best and most effective way for me to learn the material and practice it. I listen to how it’s supposed to sound first, and then I am able to replicate that sound. I don’t want to say that I’m a quick learner, however with music in particular I tend to have a knack with picking up on things sooner and with more ease than I would have with other things not related to music. I have always wanted to be in a band as the lead vocalist, and throughout my life I’ve had a passion for writing poetry, but I could never really put the right notes or sounds to the words and turn them into lyrics for a song. I’m looking for band mates that share my enthusiasm for hard rock, heavy metal, metalcore, and deathcore type music.

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Oct 09 2017
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My biggest influences are my Dad and Mom, they both have amazing voices, and my Dad is arguably the sole reason that I can play any instrument at all and stay on key as well as match pitch. My favorite bands include:

• Avenged Sevenfold (all-time childhood favorite)
• Disturbed (secondary childhood favorite)
• Breaking Benjamin (tertiary teenage favorite)
• Wage War
• The Plot In You
• Asking Alexandria
• As I Lay Dying
• Currents
• Bullet For My Valentine
• Thy Art Is Murder
• Fit For A King
• A Day To Remember
• Capture The Crown
• All That Remains
• Breakdown Of Sanity
• Emmure
• Attila
• Five Finger Death Punch
• If I Were You
• Hollywood Undead
• Killswitch Engage
• Oceans Ate Alaska
• Trivium
• Black Veil Brides
• Drowning Pool
• From Ashes To New

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As of this moment, I don’t have any equipment, but I’m willing to purchase anything that is a necessity within a reasonable price range.