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I love music. I live music. Adult responsibilities limit the amount of time I can spend on making it, but you'll find me listening to it at any given moment through the work day, and playing/writing when I have a free moment. I'm looking to find musicians that do not want to retread old ground. I'm personally drawn to the composition aspect of music, first, followed not too distantly by live performance. I want to be part of a thought provoking ensemble of musicians unafraid to experiment and challenge the status quo. I'm not interested in music for the purposes of fame or fortune. I am, however, invested in the creation of art. If you want to contact me, email valsalva345 at gee m a i l dot com.

Here are some more recent examples of my work:
/seisma-1/sets/balsam-ep on sounds in the cloud.

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Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree, solo), Voivod, Rush, Opeth, King Crimson, Quicksand, Deftones, Yes, Satriani, Vai, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Beatles, Floyd, Van Der Graaf Generator, ELP, Eloy, pre-1991 Metallica, pre-1993 U2, Gn'R, Failure, Motorpsycho, Jeff Buckley, Ben Kenney (solo, Supergrub)... A lot more. My taste is diverse.

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Les Paul Classic Goldtop (essentially a Standard, with a slim 60's neck profile and 500T and 498R pickups), Orange Rockerverb 50 amp, Crybaby 535Q, Fulltone OCD overdrive, MXR Phase 90, Boss NS-2, some shitty volume pedal, Custom made Tremolo pedal, Eventide Timefactor, Custom Electronics Boost/Line Driver.